Anthropologie Dining Tables — 12 Brilliant New Designs Our Style Editors Love

The dining table is the heart of the home. Whether your dining area is big or small, make it as special as possible with the chicest offerings from Anthropologie

The best Anthropologie dining tables, according to a style editor.
(Image credit: Anthropologie)

The dining table is a special place, serving as the gathering place for friends and family to enjoy meals and, nowadays, often doubling as a work-from-home desk space. Which is why we place so much importance on finding the right one - they're the true multi-functional heart of the home.

And that's why I've created this Anthropologie editor's choice of the brands dining tables, because it's where I turn to for statement pieces that work for real life. Since dining tables also play a crucial role in setting the tone for our meals and conversations with guests, interior designer Nichole Abbott points out that the target audience for your dining table is not just the people who live in your home, "but the people you invite.” 

Why Anthropologie? Boasting a stunning range of designer-looking options, Anthropologie is a one-stop-shop for dining tables that look expensive, sans the price tag. Whether you're looking for a dining table to entertain, eat outdoors, or enjoy some solo takeout on a Tuesday night, your new dining table is just a scroll away.

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How Should I Style My Dining Table?

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It's a loaded question — there's dining table decor, dining chairs; the possibilities of styling a dining table are endless. Though, after consulting a few experts, it seems that the most important dining table tip is none other than a rug.

According to Abbott, "Adding an area rug under the table will emphasize the tone of the room you're trying to create and define the dining room space." Similarly, Galbraith says that "Placing a table on a rug can help in an open plan space to define the dining area." Use the rug as an opportunity to introduce new colors and textures into your dining room, “for an extra touch of character," adds Galbraith.

Speaking of styling tips, the best Anthropologie rugs never cease to impress.

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