The Best Anthropologie Bedding Helps Create the Most Sumptuous Bedroom — Our Style Editor Chooses Her Favorites

Refresh your bedscape with the best Anthropologie bedding available now! We promise, there's something for every room and everyone.

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I love to change up my bedscape. My friends often make fun of me because I order a new duvet seemingly every few weeks, catalyzed by the thought of refreshing and renewing my space as fast as I can tie a new cover onto my crummy white comforter. I can admit it's excessive — I don't need multiple spare duvets sitting in the back of my closet — but it's just such an enticing thought. The look of your bedding completely uplevels or downgrades your room, and I can't stand the idea of settling for a mediocre sleep experience.

Which is why I've created this Anthropologie editor's choice of the brand's bedding. This is where I turn to for pretty, patterned and soft sheeting — I love the brand's selection. It can make a big difference to your space. 'Bedding is such a great way to update your room without a huge investment,' said Kathryn Humphreys of Kathryn Murphy Interiors. 'Some new sheets, a new quilt, and suddenly the space feels cozy and interesting.'

A great place to shop for said pieces? Anthropologie, one of the best home decor brands out there and one I'm constantly trawling for bedding buys of all kinds: quilts, shams, fabulously patterned duvets, you name it. And lucky for you, I've actually spent some time highlighting some of my favorites of those scroll sessions here for you today, perfectly presented in a highly shoppable edit below. You're going to want to jump in bed for this one.

Best Anthropologie Duvet Covers

Best Anthropologie Sheets

Best Anthropologie Pillows

Best Anthropologie Throws

Best Anthropologie Quilts

What should I consider before buying new bedding?

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If you are buying a more expensive bedding set, you'll probably be far more thoughtful about your choice than you would have been otherwise. Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D, suggests thinking through three specific categories before making your purchase: texture preferences, allergen considerations, and care and maintenance. 

Assessing your texture preference is a 'highly personal aspect of bedding selection,' Alice said. Do you like crisp cotton sheets? Or do you prefer something silkier and smooth? You should also take a look at whether your 'chosen bedding materials have the potential to trigger allergies,' she advised. 'Certain natural fibers may attract dust mites more than others, so in that case, it's beneficial to opt for materials that are hypoallergenic and minimize the risk of allergen-related issues during sleep.'

And of course, 'the longevity of your bedding is also influenced by the care requirements,' she went on. 'Before making a decision, consider the ease of maintenance and durability  — I for one, know I will not be handwashing anything.' If that sounds like you as well, you might consider choosing a low-maintenance option like bamboo or cotton.

How do I know my bedding is high quality?

'Premium materials, such as 100% cotton, bamboo silks, and sateens are often indicative of better quality,' Alice told me. Thread counts also come into play here; 'anything below 150 may feel a bit rough, while counts exceeding 500 tend to offer a warmer and softer experience.' 

For that perfect Goldilocks in-between, 'a thread count of around 300 strikes a great balance, providing a lux feel without compromising on breathability and overall quality,' she said.

Why should I invest in quality bedding?

Investing in high-quality bedding 'proves to be a less wasteful choice in the long run, which is a good thing to think about in our world of constant consumption,' Alice explained. If your bedding is durable, it will last longer, which means you needn't spend unnecessary money replacing it every few months. 

Plus, the 'aesthetic appeal of higher-quality bedding adds significant value to your overall sleep experience — you’re enhancing your bedtime routine!'

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