'They exude comfort!' - 5 thoughtful ways designers style a cozy bed for extra winter warmth

These small updates make the coziest bedscape for hunkering down

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Winter is upon us, and we're starting to feel the chill. Now is the time when you want your home to feel its coziest, keeping you and your guests comfy and protected from the cold, and that doesn't just apply to your social spaces. As December rolls in, it's time to upgrade your bedscape for optimum comfort and a quality snooze.

When it comes to the colder months there's no greater feeling than hunkering down in fresh and toasty bedding. There are many modern bedroom ideas you may have tried out this year to make your space feel calm, but it's time to update it for the season. With a few simple designer-approved additions you can transform your space into a snug haven ideal for the winter months.

To help you on your way, we've spoken to some leading interior designers to gather their tips on how to achieve the perfect bedscape. Here they reveal five switches you can make today that exude comfort, maximize warmth, and cocoon you during sleep. 

1. Oversized layering

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When it comes to creating a bedscape for winter that practically eats you alive, bigger is better. Interior Designer Colin King, highlights oversized layering as the secret to creating the perfect winter bed. Layering is key to creating optimum comfort and playing with volume and proportions takes this to the next level. It's with this principle in mind that Colin designed his collection with luxury bedding brand Cultiver.

'In the colder months, I prefer to add and layer onto my bedding instead of swapping it out for an entirely new set,' says Colin. 'The weight and durability of the linen lends itself to comfort all year depending on how it is paired and layered. When layering in the winter specifically, I am drawn to these oversized proportions that create a sense of casualness and comfort that can easily be achieved by these bedcovers and throws.' 

To elevate your bed this winter, try pairing a supple linen sheet with something more dense. Not only will your bedroom appear more luxurious, it will also help you to sleep better.

2. Add natural materials

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You might think of linen as the best bed material for summer, but it's actually a perfect bedding option all year round. 'Using linen sheets for your bedroom is a wonderful option all year round as the fabric is breathable and moisture-wicking,' explains Jessica Hanley, founder of linen bedding brand Piglet in Bed. Because of its thermoregulation properties, it will keep you warm and cozy during fall and winter but cool during summer. 

Linen is on the pricier side when it comes to bedding materials, however, due to its versatility, it will see you through the rest of the seasons, too. With its increased popularity there's also been a wave of cool designs, from simple stripes to playful gingham, meaning there's something for everyone. 'The plaid linen bundle from our new Winters at the Cabin collection is my new favorite,' says Jessica. 'It's so cozy for this season!'

3. Play with textures

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What's more comfy than a hotel bed? Nothing. Luckily there are plenty of tricks to make a bedroom feel like a hotel, including how to make your bedding fluffier, but interior designer Nate Berkus also has some tricks up his sleeve when it comes to creating hotel-like comfort at home. 

'The key to creating a luxury, hotel-like experience in your bedroom is to add texture and layers and pay attention to the small details,' he says. 'I recommend starting with crisp, white sheets - nothing feels more luxe. Next, add a chunky knit throw to the foot of the bed to finish off the look and make it feel extra luxe.'

The contrast between the sleek white sheets and the almost rough wool screams cozy. Fair warning though, as soon as you make your bed you'll want to dive straight back in.

4. Add a merino wool comforter or pillow inserts

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If you like to keep extra warm, consider adding a Merino wool comforter or pillow inserts to your ned. 'Investing in a good quality insert made from natural materials is just as important as purchasing quality sheets,' says Jessica. 

Wool is one of the best bedding materials for this time of year. Even if you're typically a hot sleeper, this natural fiber is great at regulating your temperature, and it will help you keep heating costs down, too.  'Just like linen, wool is a wonderful natural option that you can keep using year-round as it’s an excellent insulator, hypoallergenic, and a natural thermoregulator,' Jess explains. If merino wool is a bit out of your price range there are some great synthetic alternatives, (like this one from Amazon), that do the job.

5. Pile up the pillows

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(Image credit: Vigo Jansons. Design by Atelier Chelsea Design)

No cozy bedscape is complete without throw pillows, and when it comes to how to style a bed for winter, Nate urges you to pile them up! 'I love then stacking four standard pillows and 2-3 decorative throw pillows, so the bed looks full and cozy,' he says. To create a luxurious bedscape use a variety of sizes and textures to fill the space.

These guidelines aren't the definitive answer to a cozy bed, but they are a good place to start. Follow these five steps to create a luxurious bedroom perfect for the cold weather.

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