What Color Bedding Goes With Gray Walls? 5 Colors That Will Flatter This Paint Color

These 5 bedding colors will be a love match with your gray bedroom walls, either complementing its simplicity, or bringing a new life through color

A bedroom with dark gray walls and dark red bedding
(Image credit: Marianne Tiegen Interiors)

Most interior designers agree that gray is a wonderfully soothing tone for bedrooms, but sometimes this warm neutral can feel a bit too drab if not complemented with well-thought-out bedding. After all, bedding is one great element that can lift the look of your room in a flexible, non-permanent way. So what color should you pick to go with gray walls?

There are a few answers, and honestly there are a lot of colors that go with gray to choose from. We've picked some of our favorite ideas from designer-approved bedroom schemes to inspire — some keeping these rooms feeling soft and dreamy, others bring a dash of color that enlivens the space. Which ideas appeal to you?

What bedding color complements gray walls in a bedroom?

Gray walls were once ubiquitous in bedroom color schemes, as they were a real trend for a time. While you don't see them as often in glossy interior magazines of late, they're still prominent, and it can be hard to decide how to dress a bed in them. A classic, crisp white works of course, as it does in any color bedroom, but you may find you want something other than this monochromatic pattern to bring some joy to a gray scheme.

These schemes have all paired differently colored bedding with gray walls successfully.

1. Light pink

A bedroom with gray walls and pink bedding

(Image credit: William Duff Architects)

Gray bedrooms are inherently soothing, relaxing spaces that are designed for sleep. If you want to keep that environment undisturbed then a soft palette of pink or salmon would be great for your bedding; a color that has been ranking high in bedding trends for 2024. The soft gray-pink combination here creates a calm, collected space. It also proves that pink isn't just a color for kids' bedrooms; it's a charming hue that has a touch of sophistication and romance.

'If you’re looking at an understated yet elegant ambiance, go for a blush pink bedding set against gray walls,' avers Saba Kapoor, co-founder of Nivasa. 'The soft tones of this shade add a gentle warmth that complements the cool tones of gray without overpowering the room. However, for a bolder look, consider a dusty rose or muted coral, which adds depth and vibrancy while still harmonizing with the gray. Pair the bedding with neutral or metallic accents to enhance the overall elegance and create a cohesive, stylish bedroom design.'

Some of the best bedding brands have a wide array of pinks so there are choices galore when it comes to choosing a tone that suits you the most. If the overall bedroom color scheme feels a bit too light, you could add darker pink pillows.

2. Blue

A bedroom with gray walls and blue bedding in stripes

(Image credit: Studio Nishita Kamdar)

Gray is a wonderful neutral that can work with multiple shades of blue — think navy, sky, or teal. If you want to add a little layering to the room, consider blue bedding sets in interesting prints, as they will add complexity to the color scheme.

'This quintessential blue room for the boy child is designed in shades of blues, aquas and teals,' shares Nishita Kamdar, founder of Studio Nishita Kamdar. 'To allow the color to stand out we chose a gray backdrop to tie the multiple shades together and allow them to shine.'

3. Red

A bedroom with dark gray walls and bright red bedding

(Image credit: Marianne Tiegen Interiors)

If you want to add a touch of drama to your bedroom but in a non-permanent way, a great way to do so is by choosing bedding in red tones that will add excitement to an otherwise neutral room, and give the space dimension. It might be frowned up in color psychology in interior design for sleep spaces, but sometimes a deep red tone can make your space feel more cocooning and comforting, even if not the most relaxing color, per se.

'On one level I’m always inspired by the paintings of the great Flemish masters which feature intense splashes of colors against dark backgrounds,' offers Marianne Tiegen, founder of Marianne Tiegen Interiors. 'And at the same time, I thought that this red color echoed the dramatic draperies of vintage Hollywood movie houses. The big bouquet of Sarah Bernhardt peonies, the red stripe rug and natural dye red linen complete the glamorous tableau, against the stark modernity of the building.'

4. Gray

A bedroom with light gray walls and light gray bedding

(Image credit: Color Atelier)

There's no better way to create a sleepy, tranquil sanctuary than with gray walls and gray bedding sets — a color drenching moment that we think looks great.

'Gray's popularity in bedroom decor stems from several factors, including its versatility, psychological effects, and aesthetic appeal,' says Burju Garnier, co-founder of Color Atelier. 'Gray acts as a neutral backdrop that can complement virtually any bedding color scheme, from light silvers to dark charcoals. Gray also has a calming and soothing effect, which is ideal for a space meant for relaxation like a bedroom. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with changing trends while maintaining its classic charm makes it a go-to color for many homeowners.'

5. White

A bedroom with light gray walls and pure white bedding

(Image credit: Michelle Gage Interior Design)

And finally, as we mentioned already, you can never go wrong with white bedding sets. This color with gray walls is a classic choice.

'I always feel that cool toned bedding works best with gray walls; it's a no-brainer,' adds Michelle Gage, founder of Michelle Gage Interior Design. If you do want to add a little dimension to the neutral room, consider white bedding with light patterns.

'Classic striped patterns in muted tones can add a sophisticated and timeless appeal,' advises Saba. 'Leafy or nature-inspired botanical prints in greens and earthy tones bring a sense of tranquillity and connection to nature.'

What bedding prints look particularly nice against gray walls?

Since gray is a neutral, almost all prints and textures look good against it.

'Gray walls are versatile and can be paired with a variety of beddings,' shares Saba. 'Think in terms of floral, geometric designs, stripes, botanical prints, and abstract patterns. Soft, delicate floral patterns in pastel colors can add a touch of romance and freshness to the room, while bold geometric prints in contrasting colors like white, black, or gold create a modern and stylish look.'

What shade of green bedding looks nice against gray walls?

'Sage green, a soft, muted tone complements the neutrality of gray while adding a touch of warmth and tranquillity,' advises Saba. 'This combination creates a calming and harmonious ambiance, perfect for a bedroom or living space. Additionally, deeper shades like olive green or emerald green can add a rich, sophisticated contrast to grey walls, giving the room a more dramatic and elegant feel.'

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