Samsung Serif vs LG Pose - comparing the design-led TVs that the interiors crowd love most

With the release of a Serif-competitor from LG, we look at how the two statement TVs measure up against each other

LG Pose TV
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For years the Samsung Serif has been the only game in town if you wanted a television that was more than a utilitarian eyesore on a cabinet or up on the wall of your otherwise carefully curated living room. With its chunky white frame and sleek legs, the Serif was the go-to television for interior design lovers.

But LG has now entered the fray with its own statement TV - the LG Posé, released in the final stretch of 2022. Originally named the Objet when it was announced at the start of the year, its name has been fine-tuned, and it's now ready for placement in any home that wants technology that looks as good as it functions.

We were curious about how it compared to the Serif in both design and specs, so we put the two head-to-head to find out which might be the better choice. For a wider view of the two brands, you can look at our guide to Samsung vs. LG TV or a full rundown of the best TV brands, or keep reading.

Samsung Serif vs LG Posé: Pricing

As the newer model, you would expect the LG Posé to be the more expensive of the two. The 55" inch Samsung The Serif has an RRP of $1,499.99, while the RRP for the LG Posé of the same size is $1,999.99.

We will break down some of the reasons, other than recency, that this may be the case, but it's also worth noting that both the Samsung Serif and LG Posé are available in a few different sizes. The 2022 Serif can also be purchased in 43" ($999.99) or 65" ($1999.99), and the Posé is available in 48" ($1,799).

Samsung The Serif TV

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Samsung Serif vs LG Posé: Design

The overall design aesthetic of the Samsung Serif and LG Posé is very similar, which is why the two TVs warrant comparison. Both have the easel stand and are designed to be placed in the middle of a space rather than against a wall or mounted, as with most models. Note that both can be mounted, but to do this would kind of defeat the object in our book.

The LG Posé has rounded edges all around, with a white and tan color scheme. The beige fabric runs from the back to the base of the front, and this section is designed as extra storage for cables, magazines, or pretty much anything else you have cluttering up the lounge.

The Samsung Serif, on the other hand, opts for a more striking shape that it calls an 'I.' This basically translates into a bulkier frame that provides a surface on top and a sturdier base if you don't want to use the legs.

One of the big selling points of both TVs is their ability to become art pieces in your living room when the movie's finished, and 'ambient modes' that allow you to display photos or artwork are present here. The Serif, however, has the same matte anti-reflection display as its sister TV, The Frame, which makes it the winner in this category.

LG Posé TV

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Samsung Serif vs LG Posé: Technology

Looks are a big aspect of these two TVs, but it doesn't mean much if the technology inside isn't up to par. Similar in a lot of ways, the Serif and Posé do have some key differences that set them apart from one another.

While the Posé sports a top-notch OLED panel with Cinema HDR, the Serif has been given Samsung's own QLED panel with Quantum HDR. You can find out how these two screen types compare in our OLED vs QLED guide, but - while OLED is considered superior - QLED is designed to emulate the same benefits. Both also have a 120Hz refresh rate, which is good for gamers or sports fans.

Where LG wins out over Samsung is its support for Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The latter is considered the gold standard for mimicking spatial audio without the aid of the best surround sound system, and so you can expect the Posé to sound better than the Serif. 

The Posé also supports Apple HomeKit, which is essential if you want your TV to work with your Apple smart speaker. Both come with Alexa and Google Assistant built-in and ready to go.

The pair have a good number of HDMI inputs, though Samsung wins with 4 over LG's 3. If you're interested in the cost to run, too, the Posé is slightly more expensive at a (still tiny) $21 estimated annual running cost next to the Serif's $17 estimated annual cost.

Samsung The Serif TV

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Samsung Serif vs LG Posé: Which should you buy?

Let's face it, both the Samsung Serif and LG Posé are beautiful TVs that stand out from the black rectangles that make up 99% of the market. Whether the smooth lines and fabric of the Posé or the angles of the Serif appeal more is down to personal taste, but we'll say that our own eyes are drawn more to the Posé.

Still, there are also many reasons to opt for the Serif, chief among them the option to go bigger with a 65" model and the anti-reflection display. We've also had hands-on experience with Samsung's TV, with our editor calling it the "Farrow and Ball paint color card of the home cinema." Praise indeed.

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