This Genius Amazon Buy Helps Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Space (and it Costs Less Than $10)

This space-saving kitchen addition will bring you one step closer to organized cabinets with a satisfying setup

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We're no strangers to kitchen storage woes, especially where cabinet space is involved. With such a large selection of dinnerware, a myriad of utensils, and an increasing number of small appliances finding their way into our kitchen cabinets, they can quickly become overwhelmed, cluttered, and disorganized.

Sometimes, our kitchen storage solutions require a bit of tweaking to truly optimize the space. One notoriously clunky item to store is our mugs, but luckily we've come across a neat kitchen buy that allows you to make use of extra cabinet space while also showcasing them in a chic display - and it earns serious points on the satisfying scale. The best part? You don't need any additional fixtures, plus the price point is unbelievably attractive.

Mug Hooks for Maximum Space

Inside of a kitchen cabinet with under-shelf hooks holding mugs

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When it comes to storing your mugs, you might think that there's only so much you can do besides stacking and we were under the same impression until we came across a recent Instagram post, courtesy of interiors enthusiast Katie Peake (@_katiepeakehome).

It features a series of images spotlighting her stunning kitchen cabinets that are expertly organized and, while we love the stunning plate holders and the clever height risers that provide an added level of shelving, our attention was snagged by the hanging mugs sitting snugly or under-the-shelf hooks. Priced at just $8.99 on Amazon, these mug holders are a must-have kitchen addition if you're looking to maximize space.

We found Katie's use of the mug hooks within her kitchen cabinets to be a strategic move for an organized kitchen and professional organizer Di Ter Avest agrees. 'Using cabinet organizers in the kitchen maximizes the space in a way many people still don't understand,' she says. 'Hanging mug hooks for your favorite cups free up shelf space and make your morning coffee grab-and-go much easier.' She also points out that the use of specialized organizational items like mug hooks makes it easy to identify what goes where and how to store it.

Whether you buy the shelf rods or opt for just the hooks, there are plenty of ways to style this trendy kitchen addition. Missy Feldman, founder of No Mess With Missy, tells us that these mug hooks create a win-win situation since they clear up space efficiently while also adding to the style quotient of your kitchen.

'I often recommend similar solutions to my clients who struggle with limited storage space in their kitchens,' Missy explains. 'These hooks can also be used for hanging other kitchen essentials like utensils, towels, and even small pots and pans.' She also suggests using these hooks outside the kitchen and within your wardrobe for storing scarves or jewelry but admits that it's best suited for mugs. With the recent coffee bar craze, we can also picture these mug hooks on floating shelves above your coffee niche for a clean and convenient aesthetic.


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Professional organizer Ben Sorref confirms that these mug hooks are a good organizational buy, but points out that they work best in spacious cabinets. Considering the fragility of glass and the commonly stuffed cabinets, it's advisable to ensure that you have enough room to hang your mugs. Safety aside, these mug hooks make for aesthetic displays and if your cupboard is crowded with utensils, you're losing out on the visual benefits of the appliance.

Why go through all the trouble of curating a beautifully cozy kitchen only to let your utensils get the best of the space? When it comes to how to organize kitchen cabinets, this budget buy is a no-brainer.

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