These are the 6 Best Amazon Organizers no Small Kitchen Should go Without, and They're All on Sale Right Now

Streamline your space and maximize your kitchen's efficiency with these clever gadgets

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Organizing any kitchen is hard work, but organizing a small kitchen is another kettle of fish entirely. When space is at a premium, your cabinets soon become inefficient, your countertop becomes cluttered, and you're challenged to a game of Tetris every time you want to open the fridge.

Sound familiar? You'll want to invest in some clever organizers that make your modern kitchen a more efficient and intuitive space. As any small kitchen owner will tell you (myself included), decluttering only goes so far. Kitchens are full of essentials, and making space for everything with a system that works for you should be a top priority.

Sometimes, finding the perfect organizer to fit your already cramped space can be a challenge, but luckily Amazon offers a wealth of space-saving solutions to solve your small kitchen woes. Here are six expert-approved options worth investing in, and you can currently bag yourself a bargain in the site's spring sale.

1. Drawer Dividers

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In a small kitchen, drawers can quickly become overcrowded. Before you know it, they've become a miscellaneous catch-all for all the miscellaneous kitchen bits you don't know what to do with. That's why drawer dividers are a must. These clever little contraptions allow you to form compartments within your drawers so everything has a home and you never lose anything ever again.

'Cooking utensils tend to be too large to fit into standard drawer organizers or flatware trays, and this ultimately causes utensil drawers to become cluttered, making it difficult to find the correct utensil when you need it,' explains Jennifer Bell, professional organizer and owner of Bell Home Organizing. 'Bamboo Drawer Dividers like these ones from Amazon are the perfect solution. If you have a large pancake spatula - don’t worry! These dividers allow you to set the correct size for each item. They are an affordable and easy-to-install addition to any kitchen no matter the size!'

2. A Countertop Trash Can

Adding a trash can to your already cramped countertop might seem counterintuitive, but these small receptacles will help lessen the load on your primary one while also keeping your kitchen countertop crumb-free. Using a small compost trash can, like this one from Amazon, is a great way to live more sustainably, too, and they're perfect for your spent coffee grounds.

Professional organizer Melissa Gugni also suggests collapsible bins like this one which clip to your lower cabinet for easy cleaning as you cook. 'I could see it being a unicorn tool for some kitchens, particularly ones that are very small with a garbage can that doesn't fit close to the work area,' she says.

3. Expandable Cookware Rack

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Kitchen cabinets are difficult to organize at the best of times, not least when they're overloaded in a tiny space. A pan rack organizer will restore order to your toppling tower of kitchen utensils, and what's more, Amazon has lots of extendable options to maximize every inch of space available.

'An extendable rack will keep your pots, pans, or bakeware, organized and easy to find,' says Jennifer. 'It allows you to neatly place your pots, pans, cookie sheets, and other items in a row. The adjustable dividers allow you to choose the correct size, making sure you have a nice fit. This is a must-have product for any kitchen - I recommend it to clients and even use them in my own home!'

4. A Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are the champions of kitchen storage. This simple, almost rudimentary organizer is a stalwart of cabinet organization, and you can also get clever rotating contraptions - like this one from Amazon - for your fridge, too, allowing you to access all those hard-to-reach condiments at the very back.

'With small kitchens, you must get creative when it comes to storing your belongings in a neat and organized way,' says Jennifer. 'I love to use Lazy Susans when dealing with tight or awkward spaces. They're a great way to utilize those tight corners in your pantry, on countertops, or even in kitchen cabinets.'

5. Fridge containers

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When it comes to fridge organization, something as simple as a clear storage bin can go a long way in revolutionizing your food storage. These universally loved kitchen organizers keep all your separate food stuffs contained within your fridge, and act as little drawers so you can access your ingredients with ease.

'I love the roll-out acrylic drawers from YouCopia,' says Di Ter Avest of Di is Organized. 'We store all our sandwich fixings in it and get that bin out when we need to make a snack instead of making multiple trips to the fridge to get individual items.'

6. A space-saving spice rack

Last but not least, every small kitchen needs a space-saving spice rack. There's a whole host of ways to organize spices but the best options make use of vertical space so that you can gain back your all-important surfaces. 'Organized people pick the right solution based on the quantity of spices they have and where they use them most often,' says Melissa. 'Just remember to not store them above your stove as the heat will damage them.'

Something as simple as a wall-mounted spice rack can take the pressure off your cabinets or drawers, but a personal favorite are these magnetic spice racks from Amazon that attach to your fridge. Not only do that make use of 'dead space' that would otherwise be wasted, but it's a super intuitive spot to store them since you can grab the seasonings you need while you run to the fridge for your other ingredients.

Investing in the right organizers can completely revolutionize your small kitchen and help you make the most of every square inch available. If in doubt, these expert-approved options are sure to be a game changer!

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