Use This 3-Step Guide to Neatly Store Your Bed Linen and Keep it Smelling Fresh All the Time

Follow these tips to keep your bed linen storage beautifully organized

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Storing bedding can be a challenge. Once you've battled drying, ironing, and folding them, you're faced with the impossible task of keeping them in good order until they're used again. Sound familiar? If you're fed up with lost pillowcases and mismatched sheets, then fear not - I have the answer. 

The key to creating a comfortable modern bedroom is starting with a clean and comfortable bed, and your linen storage is crucial to this. Although you might not realize it, the way you store your bed linen can have a huge impact on how it ages and feels, so cramming it all in without any sense of order won't only be impractical but can impact the quality of the material, too. 

Luckily, I've found a three-step guide that makes storing your sheets so much simpler. With just a few simple tricks your linen cupboard will remain ordered and your sheets will stay fresh the whole time that they're in storage. It's such a game changer that you won't ever go back to your normal routine ever again. 

1. Store bedding sets in a pillowcase

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One common challenge when storing bedding sets is keeping the correct items together. I'm constantly misplacing pillowcases and end up making the bed with a mismatched set and whilst I'm here for the bold pillow and comforter combinations, it loses its effect when it isn't intentional. 

The first step to keeping your bed linen organized will put an end to your woes. The idea comes courtesy of lifestyle influencer and organizing aficionado Chantel Mila Ibbotson, and it utilizes something you already have. 

Chantel suggests keeping your bedding organized by keeping a set within one of the pillowcases. Simply fold your being up as usual, and place it inside an inside-out pillowcase and, to prevent anything from falling out, fold over the open end. Not only will this keep your set in one place but it also means your linen cupboard will look 10 times more ordered.

2. Place Epsom salt and essential oil in your linen cupboard

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Everyone wants an amazing-smelling home, and keeping your bed linens smelling fresh is a good place to start. Many people add fabric conditioners to their wash in the hope the scent will be retained in the cupboard but, as we all know, this simply isn't enough in the long term. 

When bed linens are kept in a cupboard they can often become stale but in order to maintain their freshness, this simple hack is the answer. Once you've packed away your bedding, mix a cup of Epsom salt with a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a linen bag and place it in the cupboard. This will keep your sheets smelling fresher for longer and ensure you're always greeted with bed linen storage that sells beautiful. 

3. Store your bedding vertically

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The last trick is revolutionary. For years I've battled to fit all my sheets in my dedicated cupboard until I heard that stacking them vertically can save space and make it easier to find what you're looking for. 

This hack is a great storage idea for smaller spaces, and it means you're able to find that perfect seasonal bedding set without an avalanche of sheets falling upon you! Next time you pack away your bedding, try turning your stack on its side. You'll be shocked at how much more space you unlock and how much more ordered your linens look. 

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