Collab Alert: Fatboy X Jordy Van Den Nieuwendijk

The Fatboy Original gets a rocking new update...

It’s been 20 years since the launch of Fatboy’s iconic bean bag, the Original.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the Original, Fatboy has teamed up with Dutch artist Jordy van den Nieuwendijk on a clever bean bag update, and a range of graphic rugs.

One of the most iconic designs of the Nineties, hundreds of thousands of people have invested in the design classic since its introduction in 1998.

Now, to give them a new lease of life, Fatboy X Jordy have created a rocking chair that’s moulded to the shape of the bean bags.

Rock ‘n Roll chair, 126 x 87 x 71 cm, €169.95 from Fatboy

With a simple black webbed frame it suits and fits with any of Fatboy’s beanbags, giving them each an instant 2018 update.

Simply put your Original on top and voilà: sink-into squishiness atop a giant rocking chair.

The frame is good for both indoors and outdoors, making it a pretty stylish piece of patio furniture too.

The design partnership also covers three indoor/outdoor weatherproof rugs, each featuring Jordy’s signature graphic style.

Carpet Diem rug, 160 x 230 cm, €179.95 from Fatboy

Named Carpet Diem, the trio of rugs have a soft texture despite being weather resistant, and come in either blue and white, taupe and white or black and white colour pairings.

Firm, durable and yet light in weight, they’re all crafted from from 100% polypropylene – making them stain and soil resistant and so strong that they can even be cleaned with a garden hose.

Carpet Diem rug, 160 x 230 cm, €179.95 from Fatboy

The collaboration also pays tribute to Fatboy’s bean bag with a brand new Fatboy Original design – although sadly this is not available in the UK yet.

Fatboy has always had a keen eye for design, art and creative applications – take their striking Rockcoco outdoor chandelier for example – so it’s no surprise the brand was taken by Jordy’s signature bold and modern style.

Carpet Diem rug, 160 x 230 cm, €179.95 from Fatboy

As a painter Jordy is known for using primary colours in abstract shapes that jump out against a plain white canvas.

This is not the first time his artworks have crossed over with design; Jordy has also worked with renowned brands such as Hermes and Ace & Tate in the past.

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