Designer:DeMakersVan for FatBoy

Details:Transparent moulded polycarbonate with red flex cabling, £439,

An outdoor chandelier is one of those design concepts which, on first consideration, seems vaguely preposterous. Yet in reality, Fatboy’s RockCoco, works deliciously well.

The unlikely juxtaposition of the ultimate emblem of high-end luxury (the 18th-century chandelier) with the relaxed vibe of 21st-century outdoor living, sends out a subversive style message. Like wearing a ballgown with trainers, hanging a chandelier outdoors cocks a snoop at convention, declaring “I’m cool. Deal with it…”

The first outdoor chandelier (now also adapted for indoor use) was created by Dutch designers DeMakersVan for FatBoy, the brandknown for designs that are cheeky in both concept and execution (staples include bean bags, dog beds, hammocks and, new this season, inflatable furniture).

Launched in Spring 2011, this completely weatherproof lighting innovation boldly replaced classic crystal with durable polycarbonate, employing LED technology to ensure a soft, cosy light, and adding the contemporary twist of scarlet red cabling.

Particularly popular hanging from pergolas, verandahs and alfresco DJ booths of bars and restaurants across the continent, over 4,000 have been sold since the RockCoco lit up the outdoor lighting scene.

A recent update even has a dimmer switch and a handy remote control – so you can set the mood without shifting from your sunlounger! Baroque ’n’ roll will never die.

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