4 steps to creating a Michelin-worthy dining room atmosphere at home

Planning a date night at home? Michelin-worthy restaurants may have shut their doors for now, but there's nothing stopping you recreating a similar ambience at home...

We spoke to some New York designers on how you can create a restaurant-inspired cool vibe in your own dining rooms at home. So even if your cooking isn't quite up to Michelin standard, at least your surroundings will help things feel a little bit fancy.


Lighting should be warm and soothing, not clinical. Rebecca Robertson of Rebecca Robertson Interiors uses a few soft light sources around the dining area.

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For a duplex residence at One United Nations Park, she chose an overhead pendant globe and added two table lamps on the buffet/sideboard to create a glow.

(Image credit: Sean Hemmerle)

She also says that even though we are mostly all working from home, it is important to resist the temptation to spread out papers all over the dining room table, instead, allow this area to be your respite from endless Zoom calls – and that way you will always be ready to sit down and eat that focaccia you have been perfecting.

(Image credit: Sean Hemmerle)

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2) ART

Rethink your art and consider adding a mirror.

According to Vian Abreu, Senior Interior Designer at Interior Marketing Group, not all of your art needs to be a wall piece.

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Since most dining furniture is usually centred in a space, sometimes we end up with nooks and corners that need a little something. Displaying a beautiful sculpture on a pedestal will bring that elevated and curated feel to any room.

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Conversely, a large mirror above your sideboard will create the perfect reflection of or views, it will also bring in the natural light, create visual height and depth in the room.


Think About Textiles & Textures.

Abreu says dining room pieces are mostly solid wood and metal (think dining table and sideboards). Create contrast and softness by adding textured upholstered dining chairs instead of opting for a wooden or metal chair. Always add window treatments to softly frame those views and create dramatic visual height.

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Use a statement piece to create natural separation in an open-format floor plan, or to anchor the dining table in a traditional dining room.

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According to Abreu, a beautiful grand light fixture will not only anchor the dining space but become an elegant source of ambient lighting.

A great example of this is at 180 East 88th Street, a condominium in New York. At one of the model residences, designer Hadas Dembo of Mise en Scene Design illustrates how to create a distinct dining space within an open-format floor plan. Dembo uses an eye-catching blue banquet, sculptural chandelier and strong dining table to define the dining space, offering a natural separation from the main living area and a peaceful respite to wind down and enjoy a meal.

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This is also exemplified at Beckford House & Tower, designed by Studio Sofield. The separate dining rooms feature symmetrical interior architecture, and incorporate ceiling cut outs to unify the space. These cutouts are perfect settings for a grand chandelier, which will further elevate the space for a traditional fine dining experience.

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