Why everyone needs a backyard beach…

Forget swimming pools, Summer 2018 is all about the backyard beach

It’s one of the hottest summers on record here in the UK. Everyone without access to a pool has either jumped in town-centre fountains or resorted to the garden hose in search of  respite from the heat. But while we swelter and sweat, typically, our neighbours on the other side of the pond, have found a relaxing and novel way to kick back in summer. The latest in alfresco living in America is the backyard beach.

Image via Zydeco Construction

Yes, you read that right. Forget lap pools, jacuzzis, plunge pools and inflatable paddling pools. Louisiana-based Zydeco Construction pulls out all the landscaping stops to replicate an authentic seaside experience for its clients, complete with sparkling blue water completely enclosed by sand.

Image via Zydeco Construction

Early adopters have been able to save their air fares and access sun, sea and (okay minimal) surf from the comfort of their own home. Apparently the orders have been, er, flooding in.

Image via Zydeco Construction

Founder Eric White says he can ‘turn ponds into paradise, and back gardens into a beach oasis’– all for the price of a regular swimming pool installation.

Image via flickr.com/photos/forthebirds/

A key component to his success with the venture has been a patented pump. No need to dwell on the science bit, suffice it to say he also offers optional extras including gazebos, and volleyball nets to parasols and outdoor kitchens, so you can create a complete beach bar experience, with an Ibiza, Caribbean or Tiki vibe – the choice is yours.

Image via piscinasdearena.com

The brand refer to the beaches as “swimming ponds”. Swimming ponds are in fact nothing new, and already exist around the world. Even here. As fate would have it there are already a number of swimming pond construction companies in the UK already – although they’ve yet to work in the white sand surrounds. Though it can only be a matter of time…

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