decorating with antiqued mirrors

Mercury glass, foxed glass, distressed or antiqued mirror glass – whatever you prefer to call it – its perfectly imperfect nature can create a cool and relaxed vibe throughout your home.

mix it up

Mirrors can be tricky to work with in corners, but this offbeatarrangement of brass-edged foxed glass designs plays with positioning and reflections to offer nothing but flattering angles.

stand out style

While it may be tempting to match the finish of a kitchen islandto cabinetry or worktops, a mercury mirrored panel makes a much more bold statement. It will reflect the other surfaces too, so will sit easily in your scheme.

self reflection

A touch of antique-style glass suits even the most unexpected of places. These wardrobe doors were made from a recycled Venetian shutter and the reflections on the doors give the storage space jewel-box appeal.

art of glass

Mercury glass can be cut in all shapes and sizes, but tiles are the most versatile. Here, the edges of the tiling reflect the shapes of the gallery wall, creating strong, graphic lines.

wonder wall

The use of antiqued mirror glass adds an extra layer of 3D texture to this feature mirror. Choosing tiles over a single sheet brings additional interest to the scaled-up space.

Find antiqued mirror tiles here.

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