Our need for a little tranquillity in our busy lives means we will always have a special place in our hearts for calming colours. But there’s a new shade giving soft greys and gentle beige a run for their money. Sage green. ‘In colour psychology, green represents life, growth, renewal and the environment,’ says interior designer Mel Massey. ‘It can be earthy and warm or cool and silvery, but it’s always more pleasing than challenging.’


‘If you’re painting an entire room, picking the right finish is key,’ advises Jason de Kauwe at Valspar. ‘Sage can be quite muted, so go for an eggshell finish to complement other textures in the room.Sage can be balanced with light wood, crisp white furniture ormatt black hardware.’

To balance the intensity, incorporate plenty of plants and soft textures, with colour pops from cushions or throws.

Pepping up sage with pops of colour will stop it fading into the background. Pastels are a great choice – particularly pinky or coral hues.

Sage and blush create a cute combination in this upbeat dining space, where the pink hue adds a generous dose of warmth to the cool green.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the array of sages on the market. Pick a particular shade that you love and get some samples of similar colours or start slowly with a handful of accessories.

Easy ways to sprinkle some sage in your home...


Mixed with metallics, sage can work magic (brass and copper accents in particular work well). This pretty Artichoke lamp from Rosanna Lonsdale is a classical addition.


This Imperial Green wallpaper by Graham and Brown is influenced by the ancient Empire of China and its rich history. Green symbolised spring and well being in the land of the Red Dragon, so another great reason to invite the hue into your home.


Associated throughout history with wisdom, what better shade for this charming Doctor's cabinet from Out There Interiors. Fill with collectable pieces and objects of interest to introduce colour and character.


For a more masculine vibe, mix geometric patterns with sage. The Salvadore rug from Carpetright is suitable for inside and out, so if you fancy a change next season, it can double up as a picnic rug.


Just want a dash of sage rather than a whole room scheme? Bag this Jaipur cushion from Christy - it's soft cotton-velvet texture is as soothing as it's calming colour.


Beautiful glassware is always a treat as it looks as good on display as it does when in use and these gorgeously green cocktail glasses are an easy win.


Colour temperature is the key to mixing sage. Avoid using a warm colour with a cold one. Learning the difference will make identifying your base and accents much easier and lead to a coherent colour palette.