Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching pattern, a sleep-inducing style, or a timeless design that grows up with your child, there’s a huge amount of choice when it comes to girl bedroom wallpaper ideas.

Carolyn Feder from Sensory Interior Design (sensoryinteriordesign.com) says a child’s bedroom should be “a space they love spending time in, where they feel safe as they drift off to sleep.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean opting for sugar and spice and all things nice for your girl’s room wallpaper. “The most important thing to consider is their individual personality,” says Rebecca Drury, co-founder of MissPrint (missprint.co.uk). “Involve her in choosing a print to ensure the end result feels like her haven. If she’s girly embrace pink and unicorns, if not look at cool monochrome prints.”

We’ve rounded up some of the best girl bedroom wallpaper ideas; prepare to be inspired.

1. Over the rainbow

Swapping candy colours for a contemporary palette of crimson and rose, this rainbow design from Munks and Me is joyful without being garish. The rainbow was 2020’s omnipresent symbol of hope and togetherness. Team this design with wood or rattan and bright colour accents to create a happy, stylish girl’s bedroom.

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2. Disney magic

Die-hard Disney fans will adore spotting some of the magic kingdom’s cutest stars - including Dumbo, Bambi and Simba - scampering across their walls. By avoiding pink and sparkles this paper will grow up with your child, especially when used as a feature wall and styled with simple Scandi furniture.

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3. Counting tigers

“Using motifs that stimulate the imagination and contribute to storytelling is a great device in girls’ bedroom wallpaper,” says Annika Reed who designed this print, called Tiger Tiger, after finding a lack of sophisticated yet fun options for her own daughter. Invent narratives involving the big cats, and play counting tigers to fall to sleep…

(Image credit: photo: Simon Butcher)

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4. Flower power

Bring nature inside with this bright and beautiful springtime meadow. A riot of twirling colour, this Rebel Walls design makes a serious style statement. Interiors expert Emily Murray of The Pink House says “white furniture lets the walls be the star. If you’re hanging pictures choose frames that chime in with the wallpaper’s colour scheme to help prevent the space looking too chaotic.”

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5. Wild thing

Nature-lovers and budding botanists will lose themselves in this eclectic creation, called Priscilla by Divine Savages. Featuring cacti, armadillos and hummingbirds, Attenborough would certainly approve. Director Jamie Watkins says “this is a wild reworking of the traditional idea of what works in girls’ bedrooms - an elegantly illustrated move on from gender-specific prints”.

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6. Modern classic

Wayfair’s Style Advisor Nadia McCowan Hill says this Toile de Jouy print is a favourite amongst young girls across the globe. A contemporary take on the famous 18th-century designs of landscapes and figures, this Wayfair (wayfair.co.uk) design will make any little girl’s room fit for a princess. Pair with monochrome furniture and breezy bright accessories for a striking, bold fusion.

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7. Space time

Shooting stars against a blush background create a vibrant, energetic mood in this girl's bedroom. Called Stardust by Hygge and West, the metallic shimmer will enliven any space and add magic, yet it is a sophisticated take on pattern that will work on throughout the teen years.

8. Swanning about

Make a bold statement while maintaining a relaxing vibe with Rebel Walls’ beautiful cygnet paper in rose. Large-scale prints like this can feel too much, and they can overwhelm smaller rooms, so wallpaper hanging expert CA Smith advises considering a feature wall. The soothing repetition of swans look like fluffy clouds with the lights out, helping to usher in a peaceful sleep.

9. Monochrome must-have

If day-glo toys are abundant in your girl’s bedroom, why not step away from more colour with a monochrome wallpaper like this Chimes Cascade design from Missprint. It adds interest without dominating, creating the perfect backdrop upon which to build. Rebecca Drury, MissPrint’s co-founder, says “consider the feel you want to achieve before you commit to a pattern, and always try a sample on the wall before you buy.”

(Image credit: Sophie Drury)

10. Timelessly tranquil

This girl bedroom wallpaper achieves what you may think is impossible; it feels fresh, youthful, feminine and calm, and it won't date. The design, called Mango Branch, is by Annika Reed who says “replicating patterns and forms found in nature can induce calmness and serenity, creating a soothing and safe space for children”.

11. Mermaid magic

If you're being begged for glitter or unicorns but can’t face it, compromise on this mermaid eye-catcher from Hygge and West. Playful enough for kids while also being a style-savvy option for interior lovers, this striking style is almost hypnotic and full of wonder. “Don’t choose a wallpaper based on trends which come and go, instead choose a timeless design which tells a story,” says Stefan Ormenisan, Director of Mind The Gap.

Girl bedroom wallpaper ideas – what you need to know

How do I choose a wallpaper for a girl?

Divine Savages (divinesavages.com) Director Jamie Watkins says “think about longevity and avoid wallpapers that are too themed - kids grow up so fast, so take time to choose a print that will last them.” Wayfair’s Style Advisor Nadia McCowan Hill agrees “think about the kinds of themes that will inspire her and reflect her personality.”

What wallpaper is in for 2020? What is on trend?

Elements from the natural world are increasingly popular, whether that be prints featuring animals, floral patterns, or shades of green. These pair well with natural materials, such as bamboo and rattan, which are also having a moment. McCowan Hill says Wayfair.co.uk has seen a 60% lift in searches for animal motifs this year. She adds “blousy blooms and ditsy floral patterns are also coming back into vogue, and the “cottagecore” appetite for English pastoral delights continues to flourish - a refreshing antidote to all the restrictions of 2020.”

How much does it cost to wallpaper a bedroom?

“It needn’t be expensive, a roll or two can go a long way in a kid’s room,” says Watkins. "Create a focal point by wrapping the wallpaper across two walls to zone a specific space like their sleeping or play area, or divide the wall in two with wooden panelling or a dado rail and use wallpaper above with paint below. Wayfair.co.uk offers the chance to price up your design before your buy, and you can pick up rolls for as little as £10.99 (£2.06/m2) with prices running to £169 per roll for those looking for a more premium design.

Emma Ledger is not only an esteemed lifestyle journalist but is also an illustrator. Her words appear in publications such as Livingetc, The Independent, The Mirror, The Sun and Fabulous magazine, while her drawings have made it onto maps and cards. She is also a mentor at Centrepoint.