Party On: Ideas for Elegant Entertaining at Home

Party perfect

Creating a room for entertaining doesn’t haveto mean catering for just one type of guest. Use furniture to zone your space into sections, like this eclectic scheme in Jonathan Adler’s home, which has two distinct seating zones, as well as a table tennis area. So what makes this riot of fun work? Well, furniture may be bright but it’s alsoin a restricted colour palette, and set against white,walls and ceilings, whilethe repetition of key motifs such as metallic touches and velvet fabrics keeps things cohesive.

(Image credit: Matthew Williams)

Down for a disco

Take inspiration from the hedonistic party vibes of Studio 54. A glitzy foxed mirrored wall will look wonderful any time of year, but come the festivities, it’s the perfect backdrop for twinkling trees, mirror balls and colour-rich baubles.A rock-star piano adds that Elton John-worthy touch.

(Image credit: Simon Bevan)

Club corner

If you don’t have a whole room for your hostessing, designer Neisha Crosland proves any space can be adapted to fit the part. A corner of a kitchen makes the perfect area to mix cocktails and pour drinks. Shelves store glasses and a gorgeous cabinet with zinc top and crackle- glazed finish adds glamour and conceals a dishwasher.

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)


Australian architect, Clare Cousins created a built-in bar into a wall next to the dining space, which can be concealed or revealed with a perforated screen.

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