Wood Outdoor Furniture — What to Look for and Where to Buy This Year's Most Stylish Pieces

I've scoured the internet to find the very best outdoor wood furniture so you can skip the search. After reading hundreds of reviews and comparing prices, these styles are most worth the spend

wood outdoor furniture
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When it comes to timeless classics, wood takes the cake. Natural, beautiful, and long-lasting, there's a certain je ne sais quois to the material that sets it apart from other outdoor furniture options like metals or plastics. It's no wonder that wood is a top choice for luxury resorts and discerning homeowners alike. So, if you're looking to elevate your backyard with warmth and character, wood outdoor furniture is the way to go — a perennial favorite that never goes out of style.

‘Wooden outdoor furniture offers a good balance of aesthetics, durability, and price,’ notes Rafi Friedman, President of Coastal Luxury Outdoors. ‘Quality wood furniture is usually cheaper than either metal or wicker, and it can last just as long, especially if you get a durable wood like cedar and take good care of it.’ Plus, wood offers a rustic charm that other materials simply can't replicate, adds the outdoor expert.

With so many options available, finding the right wood furniture can feel like sifting through pop songs — there's plenty out there, but are they all hits? Debatable. Luckily, hunting down the hidden gems is my specialty. From timeless classics like the iconic Adirondack chair to innovative designs from the best outdoor furniture brands you didn't even know you needed, I've curated a diverse selection. And rest assured, I've scoured the market, reading literally hundreds of reviews to bring you the best prices without sacrificing quality or style. Skip the search, because the best wood outdoor is right here! Continue below.

Wood Outdoor Furniture 

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Which wood should I pick?

Wood is a fantastic choice for outdoor furniture, but not all types are created equal. Rafi walks us through the most common wood varieties you might encounter in your search.

'Cedar is definitely the best combination of price and durability for outdoor furniture,’ says the outdoor expert. ‘It's highly resinous, which makes it water-resistant.’

If you've ever visited a high-end resort, you've likely encountered teak, which Rafi describes as ‘a good top-of-the-line option.’ However, it's also the most expensive wood for outdoor furniture and can be challenging to find.

For a happy medium, consider eucalyptus and acacia. These are beautiful, durable options that fall between cedar and teak in terms of price, according to Rafi.

Lastly, there's pine, which Rafi notes is ‘a very common low-cost option.’ While not a bad choice, it requires heavy treatment and regular care to maintain its appearance. If you prefer something more low-maintenance, consider expanding your budget to access cedar, teak, eucalyptus, or acacia wood.

How should I care for wood furniture?

According to architect and designer Priyanshi Jain, 'In general, wooden furniture should be wiped of any dust and debris with a soft brush or cloth.’ If you’re looking for a deeper clean, all that’s needed is water and a mild detergent — just be sure to rinse of thoroughly. Dry your furniture completely before using again 'and make sure to never use harsh chemicals as they can damage the wood from within,’ she warns. 

One common care concern is whether or not to purchase a furniture cover. According to the designer, ‘they are not necessary but can provide additional protection to the furniture,' especially if you reside in a more extreme climate. ‘For instance, they can protect from direct sunlight, snow and rain, or from dirt and insects when not in use and stored inside.' And if you’re ever in doubt, know that a cover won’t hurt! It’s also a great extra low-maintenance care option if you’re not home much or want avoid regular deep cleaning or brushing. 

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