Okay, That's Clever! This Viral Fridge Organizer Will Change How You Store Leftovers Forever

Ziploc bags are hard to store in your fridge efficiently, but this clever addition will make sure you make the most of every last inch of space

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Storing leftover food or extra ingredients without packaging isn't always easy. Plastic containers take up too much room, and you'll find yourself with mismatched lids and tubs cluttering your kitchen cabinets before too long. Ziploc bags, or similar, might be a more efficient way to store everything from leftover marinara sauce to individual portions of fruit and vegetables, but they don't stack neatly in a fridge, leaving you with a chaotic pile to contend with. Well, until now.

On a shopping scroll recently, I came across a brilliant Ziploc bag fridge organizer from Amazon which I think might just be a game-changer when it comes to how I store food in my fridge.

I've seen a lot of fridge organizers in my time, but this one might be the cleverest, and most versatile, yet. It's no wonder the most organized people I follow online are all loving this idea.

How does this fridge organizer work?

Like a lot of good fridge organizers, this idea makes use of the underutilized vertical space underneath your fridge shelves. 'A lot of the cleverest organizers we see for fridges clip onto the underside of your shelving,' explains Livingetc's trending editor Lilith Hudson, 'and these are the ones professional organizers always tell us work well.'

'It means you're not just relying on stacking containers on top of each other, bringing a more versatile approach to how you can store things — after all, not everything you want to keep in your fridge benefits from a one-size-fits-all approach.'

As you can see in the viral video above, the organizer pulls out so that you can insert the Ziploc bags from the side. It can hold up to 11 Ziploc bags, and up to 22lbs — but as the listing explains, it's pretty unlikely you're ever going to get near that weight.

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Whether you have Ziplocs to store or not, the pull-out also acts as a compact storage drawer for small containers (though these don't come included).

The organizer comes as a small kit you'll need to build, but with full instructions (and even a handy video on the Amazon page), too.

It's one of those things I know will change how I store things in my fridge, so I can't wait to get my hands on one.

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