Interior Designers Are Obsessed With This Affordable Bedding — And You'll Never Guess Where They Buy It

It's affordable, it's chic, and, best of all, interior designers call it their 'best-kept secret.' You'll see why after reading this article

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In the world of home and interior design, there is no opinion more valuable than that of a designer. Just like our consumption patterns as they relate to influencers, buyers looking to decorate their homes first look to the best of the best before starting their journey. How are designers arranging their homes? What colors are they using? What style of furniture? And the guiding ethos here? 'If it's good enough for the person in charge of making the trends, it should be good enough for me.' 

It's an understandable approach, especially if you're easily overwhelmed while shopping; why not just just follow the lead of someone far more well-versed than you? And though it existed far before the dawn of Instagram, it's a phenomenon that has grown and strengthened with the rise of social media, where designers and experts can now share their takes, thoughts, and reccos on the best bedding sets with the touch of a button. 

As a style editor focused on highlighting the best deals and buys for a contemporary design junkie such as yourself, the consensus on social media is one I'm inclined to follow. I love hearing what experts are casually sharing with their thousands of followers, then synthesizing those suggestions and thoughts into one consumable, palatable, and easy-to-shop edit.

To that end, while I scrolled TikTok the other day, I stumbled upon a bedding buy I was shocked (in a good way) to see so many designers endorse. Though each recommendation was separate, the designers themselves were saying the same thing: this private-label brand has prestige-brand quality and at big-box retailer price. 


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'This is one of my best-kept secrets,' Juliana Ghani, interior designer at Andrew Flesher Interiors, says in the video above. 'I have used this in maybe five or six clients' houses: Casaluna Linen blend quilt in the color white.' 

'This is such a good alternative to very high-end bedding,' she continues. 'Quality is amazing, clients love it.'


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'The Casaluna bedding collection here is one of my favorites for affordable bedding,' Windsor Dalton of Windsor Dalton Designs says in a separate video. 'I always suggest it to people and it comes in a huge variety of colors, but it's a really great quality at a great price point.'

Kate Fuller, who goes by the handle @interiordesignbestie, says in another video from January that the brand's knitted throw blanket is 'easily one of the most viral throw blankets on the internet.' It is 'seriously so gorgeous,' she continues, and 'makes your bedroom decor look stunning.' If you want your bedroom to look like it was professionally styled, 'you need this blanket.'

Designer-loved Casaluna picks

Now, as happy as I am to share this stunning bedding brand with you today, there are certainly other designer and fan-favorite bedding products out there, as well. Keep scrolling for a few I've spotted on the market and in my conversations with experts.

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