This Viral Knife Sharpener is Now Bobby Berk-Approved — And It's so Easy to Use, Too

In a new Instagram video, the designer and ex-'Queer Eye' member had nothing but great things to say about the knife sharpener making the rounds on social media

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Is there anything worse than cutting with a dull knife? Don't answer that. I'm not accepting push-back at this time. There is nothing worse. And not only that, but they say cutting with a dull knife is actually more dangerous than slicing with a sharp one, since the former requires more pressure, increasing the likelihood it might slip.

Unless you're investing in a quality knife set from one of the best home decor brands, your knives are probably quite dull; double that likelihood if you have a roommate. That leaves you with the option of sharpening your knives, but a cheap sharpener might only solve the problem for a few meals.

But what if I told you that, as we speak, an affordable (albeit slightly luxurious) knife sharpener is going viral on TikTok? And that, after a test session from none other than interior designer Bobby Berk, it looks to be well worth the hype?

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As demonstrated in Bobby's video, the Tumbler rolling knife sharpener keeps your quality (or even not so quality) knives 'cutting like new for much, much longer,' according to its Amazon listing. The simple design is easily mastered by both beginners and experts, and leads to what the brand claims is the perfect edge every time; simply 'choose your desired angle and glide the blade along the rolling disc.'

For safety, ease, and accuracy, powerful magnets secure your knife at either a 20-degree or 15-degree angle, depending on which you choose, while the 'proprietary stainless steel helix disc on the other end of the kitchen knife sharpener removes the burr of your knife’s edge after the base sharpening.' And that's all without mentioning how the sharpening kit is plated with diamonds, one of the most-effective sharpening stones.

I mean, just look at how Bobby's newly sharpened knife slices through that piece of paper — like butter. If you aren't in the market for one yourself, I think the Tumbler would make a great option for a Father's Day present (and wouldn't it be nice to have your shopping done now?).

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