I'm a shopping editor and these are the 12 essential buys to create a cozy reading nook for fall

Elevate a reading nook with these 12 brilliantly cozy buys

A selection of reading nook furniture essentials
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As the seasons begin to show signs of turning and our thoughts turn toward fall, we need our interiors to work harder to offer cocooning spaces where we can feel cozy. Creating a reading nook is an easy way to achieve this, and with just a few furniture additions, you can turn an unloved corner of your home into a cozy space, or a nook perfect for tucking into your favorite read as the leaves begin to fall outside. 

'There is something magical about a reading nook in a home,' says Sarah Brown, director of Sarah Brown Interiors. 'A place where you can cozy up with a good book and take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of family life. 

'We like to keep ours dark and atmospheric, with a good light to read by, a low library chair that you can tuck your legs into, and a soft cushion at your back.'

Investing in your cozy corner involves a few furniture essentials, and I've done some searching on the best home decor websites to find the best floor lamp, wall lights, side tables, and armchairs to give that corner a bit of love.

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What to buy for a cozy reading nook

'There are some must-haves for a comfy reading nook,' says Anna Burles of award-winning boutique design agency, Run for The Hills. 'An amazingly comfy, cozy armchair or sofa to sink into with a great book is one,' says Anna. 'Great light is essential. Think either daylight (veluxes in lofts are great for this), or a great floor lamp - or both!'

'You also need space for a cuppa, like a side table or a coffee table, and a place where you can store your books.' Think about decoratively placing them on your coffee table in a neat stack, on a shelf on the wall, and I've even seen stacks of books on the floor that look a little quirky. 

'A comfortable seat is essential,' adds Daniela Ciarcelluti of Ciarcelluti Mathers Architecture Ltd. 'It could be an armchair, a chaise lounge, or a bench, whatever is more appropriate for the space.'

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