These Whimsical Le Creuset "Cocottes" Are Going Viral (and Selling Out FAST!)

Social media is loving these adorable blueberry, strawberry, and raspberry-shaped mini pots. Which one will you choose?

fruit-shaped cocottes on a colorful background
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A new product goes TikTok viral every day, but if you ask me, this one has staying power.

I'm talking about the new mini fruit cocottes from Le Creuset, which you may or may not have seen plastered all over your FYP or Instagram explore page. These gorgeous and whimsical kitchen tools have gone viral and it's not hard to see why — they're practical, affordable, and oh-so-cute, with a unique summery shape that's perfect for collecting. If you love shopping the best home decor brands, you're going to love shopping these.


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Now available in the U.S., these strawberry-, blueberry-, and raspberry-shaped pots have taken the internet by storm thanks to their adorable fruit forms. 'I’m physically unwell now that I know these are in the world and I don’t have all of them,' said one social media user. 'I’ve never wanted anything more,' added another. Of course, each pot is already selling out, so you'd do well to snag one (or all three!) quickly — there's no telling if there are any plans to restock.

As a cooking vessel, mini cocottes boast the same benefits as a larger cocotte (strong heat distribution, moisture retention, slow cooking, simplicity) but for single-serve recipes — things like flan, shakshuka, and perhaps most famously, oeufs cocotte. And though you might choose to use your fruit-shaped cocotte as decor, it's nonetheless crafted from high-fired stoneware; easy to clean; thermal resistant up to 500-degrees Fahrenheit; safe for the freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher; virtually nonstick; and glazed in a colorful, non-reactive, scratch-resistant finish. In other words, it's everything you've come to expect from Le Creuset's iconic cookware, just in a smaller, fruit-shaped package. Oh, and did I mention they're just $30?

The viral Le Creuset Fruit Cocottes

6 whimsical cocottes for the home chef

This isn't the first time Le Creuset (or any other cookware brand for that matter) has cooked up a funky cocotte shape, and it won't be the last. Below, take a look at six whimsical mini pots for the personality-filled home chef, most of which you can snag from retailers with two-day shipping. And if you want to grab one of these ahead of your Fourth of July barbeques (they'd make a great hostess gift!), now is the time.

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