Beautifully crafted designs that will inspire you to do your very best work.

There’s a distinct ‘back to school’ feeling in the air. So if you’re fed up with doing all of your life admin or home working at the dining table or on the sofa, it’s time to sort out a smart new work station by investing in a dedicated desk.

Just because a desk is serviceable doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. Some of the best designs that are winning our vote right now are wooden desks – warm, natural and full of character.

Materials range from solid oak and rich walnut to reclaimed timber and driftwood, with styles running the gamut from mid-century shapes to slick modern forms or those that are combined with heavy metals for a sleek yet sturdy appearance.

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Many of the current crop are designed to take up minimal space both visually and physically, and some have charming touches such as the Slab desk from Tom Dixon, with its cable hole, replacing what once would have been an ink well.

Others such as the Lisabo from Ikea,  the Carter from Neptune or the Brody from Swoon have shallow drawers, where you can neatly stash a laptop or tablet. Or go for the triple drawer option with the Edelweiss from Made, the Luciano from Julian Chichester, or the Enzo at Habitat.

If you need more storage, there’s the Edwin from Andrew Martin with its 3 deep drawers, or the Den from Loaf, which has a deeper drawer and two handy shelves, where you could place a small printer.

Whatever your taste or style of your home, there’s plenty in our edit of the best wooden desks, to suit your study or work zone.

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