Did IKEA Just Make the Swivel Office Chair Stylish? This New Rattan Collection Looks Effortlessly Cool

IKEA's new rattan-inspired furniture represents everything we love about the Scandi brand — cool, calming, and seriously chic

A minimalist home office with a rattan-inspired office swivel chair
(Image credit: IKEA)

Word on the street is that IKEA has just come out with a fashionably upgraded version of the basic office swivel chair, so we simply had to take a look. And let me tell you, the brand's Scandi-rendition will have you surprised at the fact that with a little spruce, those design-lacking chairs can actually become a statement piece in your WFH space.

With jobs moving towards hybrid and remote working schedules, it's only right that you have a specially curated space for your hours on the clock. And instead of blurring your background on team calls, why not show off your at-home workspace instead? So if you're thinking of home office ideas and aren't sure of where to start, look no further than this chic office chair, and the rest of your space will fall into place. Better yet, it's part of an even wider collection that embodies everything we love about this iconic Scandi brand.

IKEA's rattan-inspired swivel chairs for a chic WFH setup

A minimalist home office with a rattan-inspired office swivel chair

(Image credit: IKEA)

The star of their latest rattan-inspired collection, these home office swivel chairs are the perfect addition to a minimalist home office. Since the space is made to work in, you don't want anything too busy or bright, which makes these swivel chairs a brilliant organic addition to your workspace.

The woven chairs are available in two colorways, brown with black hardware and beige with white hardware, so you can pick the option that best matches your room's surrounding aesthetic. Handwoven by artisans using the paper twine weaving technique, each chair is made to be strong, comfortable, and flexible.

Like any office chair, IKEA's STIGBYGEL comes with armrests and an adjustable setting for varied heights, the only difference is that this rattan-inspired piece is chicer than the rest.

Interior designer Revkah Gordon tells us that the style of rattan is quite popular this season and while IKEA's STIGBYGEL chairs aren't exactly made from rattan, they do embody the design that most rattan pieces usually carry.

'Rattan's style is always approachable and gives that magical element of nature to any furnishing and in this case an office chair,' says Revkah. 'In the cooler seasons, I would pair it with a textural throw or sheepskin for a cozy accessory.'

Since this design style is rooted in nature, Revkah finds that placing greenery nearby and introducing linen to your space is the perfect way to draw the room together.

Custom home designer Nina Lichtenstein is also a fan of IKEA's latest range and tells us that the natural materials and thoughtful design make this chair not only a functional office piece but also a favorite throughout any modern home.

'This setup can work well in living rooms or bedrooms, not just in the office,' notes Nina. 'You can even create a cozy reading nook by combining the chair with a soft throw blanket and a small side table.'

It's clear that rattan accent chairs introduce a restorative resort vibe, so if you can't get to IKEA but still want some home office additions that bring in the same energy, we found a couple of great pieces that are made from rattan and easily available.

IKEA's FRYKSÅS for an elevated rattan tv unit

A stunner among IKEA's rattan pieces, this FRYKSÅS TV unit is so pretty and very easy to adopt into your living space. Ideal for minimalist living rooms, this rattan TV console boasts clean lines and simplicity in design. With inbuilt open and closed storage, the TV bench allows you to keep your visually appealing knick knacks in clear view while stowing away any bits you want hidden.

The TV bench has adjustable legs and is also fitted with shelving for gaming consoles, manuals, and any other things that need a storage spot. IKEA has also considered factors beyond the form alone by adding several cord outlets at the back of the bench. This ensures that the cords are out of sight but still easy to reach.

It's the little details that make home buys valuable to a space and this rattan TV bench happens to be intentionally crafted for any modern TV room. So if you're looking for living room TV ideas, consider introducing a rattan unit to your space for a charming finish.

IKEA's KLIBBAL range for more trendy rattan home accessories

A white wall with a brown rattan framed mirror and photo frame

(Image credit: IKEA)

If those aren't enough natural 70s-inspired materials for you, IKEA's KLIBBAL collection features a range of neat home decor buys, all complete with a rattan-inspired finish. Among the seasonal launch sits a photo frame, a wall mirror, and a hand mirror with real rattan binding.

Last but not least, the KLIBBAL indoor planters are an earthy ode to rattan planters that seamlessly fit into any moody living space. Rattan home accessories are a great way to seasonally dress up your home for the summer and IKEA's KLIBBAL range couldn't have come at a better time.

According to Nina, the KLIBBAL frames, with their dark-brown wooden edges, provide a natural setting for your pictures. She finds that these photo frames are a quickfire way to spread warmth and charm throughout the home. 'I recommend combining these frames with other natural materials to create a lively and engaging wall display,' she says.

Nina also suggests pairing the picture frames with the rattan-bound mirrors for a creatively cohesive and nature-inspired decor theme. This organic indoor environment is especially ideal for cozy living rooms in need of den-like accents. Revkah points out that the basket planters are great accents to add in both traditional and modern settings. She finds that the woven detailing adds subtle textural bursts of warmth, aptly aligned with the summer ambiance.

Nina agrees and explains that the lightweight planters are fitted with an inner saucer to collect excess water, ensuring both practicality and style. 'These pots are perfect for creating a green oasis in your home, complementing the natural feel of the other KLIBBAL products,' she says.

So if you're getting back on trend with boho living room decor or simply looking for some great rattan pieces to bring home, check out the IKEA collection or look at our hand-picked recommendations below for some fabulously chic alternative buys.

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