Stylishly simple ceramics with a 'slow' ethos.

The latest addition from Oggetto, the home of simply designed and functional homewares, is this selection of beautiful ceramic tableware. The collection – which includes candle holders; storage jars; servings bowls; and mugs – has been made using a pottery wheel and minimal tools. 

The process is a slow-paced one, just like the way of life the pieces advocate. They have been made to be appreciated but also to serve a function, whether that’s enjoying a mug of tea or serving a hearty meal to one’s friends or family. They complement a lifestyle that attempts to slow things down from time to time and cherish the simpler things in life.

These slightly Dickensian stoneware candle holders are stripped of superfluous decoration, allowing the time-honoured craftsmanship to do the talking. Their minimal forms have been made using a pottery wheel and little else.

They have been finished with a glaze made from oxides and raw materials. The dip in the centre comes in two different widths to accommodate either dinner candles or stubby candles, such as Oggetto’s beeswax candles. 

Pottery candle holders, £30 each, Oggetto.

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These humbly formed stoneware jars, that evoke thoughts of traditional cottage kitchens, would look best on open shelving: the time and care that has gone into their creation deserves to be displayed after all.

Whether they’re stocked with food essentials – or filled with your family’s favourite biscuits – the jars have been made to withstand years of use. 

Lidded jar, £66; ceramic mug, £35, Oggetto.

These generously sized serving bowls have been hand-thrown, resulting in nuances in their finish but without compromise to their form. They are heavy duty pieces, perfect for use as a centre piece on a busy dinner table.

They can serve up a mountain of roast potatoes, or remain a permanent fixture on a dining table showcasing the week’s selection of fruits. 

Serving bowl, £65, Oggetto.

Each one of these rustic mugs is as personal as your hot drink preference, with every one displaying slight variations in their glaze and finish. This makes for a truly individual mug that won’t be seen on the shelf of any other kitchen, but yours.

Ceramic mugs, £35 each, Oggetto.

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