Accent Chairs with Ottomans — Pack Style and Practicality Into One Clever Buy

There's nothing better than a 2-for-1, which is what makes these accent chair and ottoman sets so appealing — aside from their good looks, of course

accent chairs with ottomans on a colorful background
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The only thing better than an accent chair itself is an accent chair with an ottoman. We all know lounging in a chair is that much better with a place to kick your feet, so why not group both purchases together into one well-designed (and if you do it right, affordable) package?

Not all of the best accent chairs come with a handy footrest, but many of them do. And today, I'm going to walk you through a few of my favorites on the market right now, with a special emphasis on each chair's aesthetic, silhouette, and styling opportunities.

'Accent chair and ottoman sets are a great go-to for adding style and function to a space,' says Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D. 'They offer a blend of comfort and utility—providing a cozy spot to relax with the added bonus of an ottoman depending on the style you choose.' Plus, 'their lightweight nature allows for flexible room arrangements, making them a practical choice for any home.'

Below, you'll find a stylish selection of accent chairs with ottomans, all of which I've sourced from the best home decor brands and all of which I'd feel comfortable including in my own home. So kick your feet up and relax — it's time to shop.

12 stylish accent chairs with ottomans

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Can you mix and match accent chairs and ottomans?

Mixing and matching accent chairs and ottomans can 'result in a more dynamic and personalized look,' Alice says. Just be sure to 'focus on color and pattern coordination.' You want to 'use complementary or contrasting colors to create visual harmony.'

Additionally, you should also 'pay attention to proportions,' she advises. 'The ottoman should complement the chair's height and width.'

How does an accent chair and ottoman enhance a space?

Accent chairs have many functions, but Alice likes that they 'balance out the layout of larger rooms, making them feel complete and well-designed.' They're also easy to move around, meaning they can 'adapt to different needs and moods' to enhance the room's 'functionality.'

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