This Viral Amazon Buy Can Turn Any TV Into an Outdoor TV — 'It's the Perfect Summer Find!'

Skip the $900 outdoor TV and stick to this "Storm Shell" to make all your back patio dreams come true. It's the hack of the summer!

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In my humble opinion, #patioseason is one of the best seasons of the year. You might call it summer; I call it #patioseason. Simply because hanging out on a back porch is infinitely better than hanging out inside. It's the exact same concept, except in the open summer air. If there weren't mosquitos to consider, I'd say it's an all-time type of vibe.

Of course, to have an outdoor hang out, you usually need an outdoor TV. And the only problem there? Outdoor TVs cost a pretty penny. Couple that with your accessories and furniture from the best home decor brand and you'd be forgiven for grimacing; how will your bank account recover?

Fortunately for all of us #patioseason lovers, I may have tracked down the ideal solution — and it's truly half the cost of an outdoor television.

Considering a TV that's impervious to the elements can cost upwards of $650 at least, this $250 is quite the steal. If it wasn't totally clear from the video, this ingenious shell clips around your TV and protects it from water, impact, and sun. It even includes a wall-mounting bracket that swivels and shifts so you can enjoy a game or movie from any angle.

While I can't say I've tried it for myself, the reviews look just as good as I would expect. 'I'm super impressed with the durability of this storm shell,' wrote one user. 'Maybe I was a bit hard on it for the initial cost back in 2020 because it has proven itself worthy since then.' 'Great in the rain!' added another.

It's official — I think this is the perfect summer find!

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