This Viral "Fence Pot" Planter is the Best Way to Add Beautiful Blooms to a Boring PVC Fence

Bring some vibrant flowers to your backyard's perimeter with this clever gadget

A white fence with a fence planter attached the post with blooming flowers
(Image credit: Fence Pot)

Fence planters are one of the best ways to add a burst of color to your backyard's perimeter, and if you're an avid gardener, their concept will be nothing new to you. Typically, these small containers fix to your privacy fencing using hanging clips or hooks, leaving them susceptible to the likes of high winds, but what if you could seamlessly integrate your plant pot into your fence instead for a more complete (and secure) look?

Well, this innovative new design does exactly that. The so-called 'Fence Pot' has taken social media by storm, and for all the right reasons. Designed to fix to a PVC privacy fence, you can attach the entire system onto a fence post using a nifty integrated fence cap for a safe and secure display of your favorite flowers. If you're tired of bland, boring PVC fencing, this gadget is the answer. Here's everything you need to know, including where to find one.

What is the Fence Pot?

A white fence with a fence planter attached to the post with blooming flowers

(Image credit: Fence Pot)

In simple terms, the Fence Pot is nothing more than a fence planter, although it does, of course, have an edge over its counterparts. 'The Fence Pot is an elegant flower pot engineered to seamlessly attach to a PVC privacy fence,' explains Christian Berio, president of Fence Pot. 'Simply replace your current fence post cap with our fence pot and your big white, blinding fence will be transformed in seconds to a hanging garden scape.'

Installing only takes a matter of seconds and you don't need any tools or hardware. To fix the Fence Pot to your fence, start by removing the existing fence cap (if you have one) and slot your planter over the post so that the cap sits between your fence panels.

As with other planters or fence covers, the Fence Pot can bring a burst of color to your backyard where it's needed most. 'PVC fences, though great for privacy, leave a lot to be desired from a design perspective,' notes Christian. 'What's more, for those gardeners who love to plant but don't have much gardening space in their flower beds, they can enjoy and expand their hobby.'

What flowers should you plant in a Fence Pot?

A white fence with a fence planter containing purple flowers

(Image credit: Fence Pot)

When styling a Fence Pot, make sure you adhere to the typical rules when it comes to container gardening. 'Since the pots are on the shallow side, I recommend planting them up with water-savvy plantings so that watering doesn't become a daily task,' suggests Katherine Aul Cervoni, landscape designer at Staghorn NYC.

When it comes to the best plants to cover a fence, she recommends sedum and succulents, especially ones that cascade and trail downward out of the planter. 'Alternatively, these planters would be great for adding season color to your space as they're well sized for small annual plantings available in spring through autumn,' she says.

Of course, you should also consider how much sunlight your fence receives and choose your plants appropriately. Besides these pointers, the rest is up to you. 'The Fence Pot is perfect for annuals and a huge pop of color, as well as perennials that people would like to grow out before planting in the ground,' notes Christian. 'They're also great for kitchen herbs or salad leaves as they stay high on the fence and out of reach from rabbits, deer, and other pesky animals.'


How big is the fence pot?

Currently, you can only buy the Fence Pot in a standard size and in a white color, but Christian says the brand has plans to launch alternative colors including almond and gray to add a chic feel to your backyard. They're also manufacturing a smaller 4x4 version for deck railing too due to demand.

What fences is the Fence Pot compatible with?

Fence Pots fit industry standard 6ft vinyl fences. 'Statistics from fencing companies throughout the country tell us that 96% of PVC privacy fencing is made with a 5x5 post,' says Christian although, watch this space if you're in need of smaller sized planters for the likes of deck railing.


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