This $25 viral buy from Amazon makes organizing your kitchen so much easier and countertop appliances simpler to use

Sick of dragging your countertop appliances around every time you want to use one? Try this budget-friendly Amazon buy instead...

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Organizing your kitchen countertops when space is already limited can be a nightmare. As the most functional room of the home, you want to have quick and easy access to the likes of toasters, air fryers, and coffee machines, but the heavier appliances at the back aren't always so easy to reach. Not unless you have this handy kitchen organizer, that is. 

If you have an espresso machine, you'll know the struggle all too well. Moving the clunky appliance to refill the water - or the bean compartment, if you're lucky enough to have bean-to-cup - can be a serious challenge. You have to edge the heavy piece of equipment forward to access all the different workings, but, unless you have arms like the Hulk, it's a very stilted process. 

Well now refilling the espresso machine has never been easier, and it's all thanks to a simple $25 solution from Amazon. Ready to make life in your modern kitchen smoother, simpler, and more accessible? Here's how. 

For a smooth-running kitchen, it doesn't get better than this little gadget, and 'smooth-running' is the perfect descriptor for it. Essentially, all it consists of is a sliding countertop tray for your appliances to sit on top of. Simple yet effective, it makes it easy to pull out the likes of coffee makers, stand mixers, air fryers, and other heavier-weighted appliances that are often more difficult to reach. 

Built with an integrated rolling system, it pulls forward as much as you need it to, making it especially useful for appliances that are tucked under an upper cabinet. All you need to do to operate it is press the lever on the tray to move it forward and backward. The non-slip surface promises safety, while the slim design means you can still slide your appliances under any cabinetry for a tidy, spacious, and clutter-free countertop.

Besides just generally making your kitchen duties easier, this little addition to your kitchen countertop is great for those in the family who are likely to struggle to access such appliances. Maybe your kids find it difficult to reach the toaster that's tucked in the corner of your worktop, or maybe you want to make it easier for your elderly parents to access their breadmaker without having to strain to lift it. It's the sort of gadget that once you own one, you'll never look back. 

There's no need to worry about taking up space with a rolling tray that does fit the dimensions of your appliances, either. It comes in three different sizes: small for the likes of blenders and food processors, medium for coffee makers and stand mixers, and large for items like air fryers. You can also buy a red, white, or silver-rimmed tray to suit the style of your kitchen. 

As far as kitchen organizers go, it doesn't get much simpler or more effective than this little tray. Just one more to add to the Amazon wishlist!


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