"It Makes Your Bedroom So Dreamy" — The Viral DIY Canopy Bed Trend, and the Shortcuts To Getting the Look

Canopy beds are having a renaissance, and this affordable DIY is easier than you think. Explore everything you need to recreate the fairy tale transformation

Viral canopy bed DIY
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Canopy beds conjure up romantic imagery of fairy tale princesses and idyllic castle escapes. The whimsical bedroom style is currently seeing a renaissance, thanks to a wave of viral TikToks. Now, we can all indulge in our Sleeping Beauty fantasies — no magic required.

One creator in particular piqued our interest with a clever bedroom idea that recreates the classic canopy look without an elaborate bed frame. Marco Zamora (@want.zamora) devised a DIY solution that is affordable, quick, and surprisingly straightforward. Without much more than two curtain rods and a piece of fabric, Zamora's hack proves that obtaining that storybook charm is well within reach.

According to interior designer Alexis Elley, these canopy comebacks are nostalgic, but with a twist. 'Canopy beds are romantic and bring us back to that slower lifestyle,’ she says, adding, ‘Modern charm takes traditional design elements and marries them with a more up to date, almost trendy spin.' Basically, this new wave of canopies are a breed of their own. Marco's DIY captures this sentiment exactly, bypassing the need for an expensive bed frame with ornate legs and posts by repurposing an existing bed.

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The Viral Canopy Bed DIY


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Marco's DIY journey began with hemming a long piece of vertically striped fabric to create his canopy covering. It's worth noting that this was Marco's inaugural attempt at operating a sewing machine, so if you're a novice yourself, don't hesitate to give it a try! If Marco can master it, so can you!

Once his sewed fabric was complete, Marco turned his attention to the ceiling. He affixed two hooks and then threaded a curtain rod through them using short chains. With his chain-curtain rod contraption secured to the newly installed ceiling hooks, voilà! His curtain rods were suspended.

Moving to the wall above his bed, Marco strategically placed two hooks directly above the head of his bed, providing a designated space for his second curtain rod. With both rods securely in position — one on the ceiling at the foot of his bed and the other on the wall above — it was time to add the pièce de résistance: the fabric!

Marco loosely draped his sewn fabric over the rods, allowing it to cascade down slightly along the length of the bed, creating an elegant drape. While Marco could have called it a day there, he decided to take his canopy bed setup to the next level by incorporating some wall art. He hammered a nail through the fabric and into the wall to display his favorite piece.

And just like that, the dreamy canopy bed was complete — a fabulous and highly customizable addition to any bedroom, all achievable for under $200.

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