The unconventional exotic blooms experts say you should include in your Spring bouquets

Orchids in a bouquet? You heard it here first

Tropical bouquet trend
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The most unorthodox flower trend of the season has emerged in the shape of tropical bouquets. While more traditional bouquets have certainly not lost their allure, florists see an increasing demand for tropical flowers, including Cymbidium Orchids, Ginger Flowers, and Heliconia

While orchids in a bouquet may take some getting used to, the appeal behind exotic flowers is unsurprising when we consider its relationship to one of the biggest home decor crazes of the season – escapism

While we continue to reminisce over faraway shores and sunnier climates, we’re inevitably channeling tropical ambiance in our homes – and that includes throughout our floral displays. To get involved, follow these five unconventional flower suggestions from our favorite florists, who might just convince you to venture to the sunny side. 

Tropical bouquet trend

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1. Dendrobium Orchid 

‘Grown in Thailand, the beautiful Dendrobium Orchid is always an eyecatcher in any bouquet,’ shares Lynne Melvin, Product Manager at Serenata

‘It also has a beautiful sweet fruity smell like a raspberry or strawberry, and for those less skilled at flower arranging, they look impressive in a vase with little else. They always make for interesting dinner party conversation,’ Lynne adds. With dinner party season just around the corner, we’re taking this as a sign to invest. 

2. Alstroemeria/ Peruvian Lily 

Alstroemeria, which is best known as the Peruvian Lily, is a native to South America and has become naturalized across Mexico, Australia, the US, and the Canary Islands. 

‘Growing in a myriad of colors, they are a fantastic flower to add interest to any bouquet,’ Lynne shares. She continues, suggesting they are also a ‘poignant gift’ for friends, as ‘they represent mutual support and devotion through life’s challenges.’

3. Bird of Paradise

Tropical bouquet trend

(Image credit: Photo by David Brooke Martin on Unsplash)

It would be impossible to miss a flower named Bird of Paradise from the list, and Vicky Wilson, Design Manager at Interflora, agrees.

'Bring paradise to your bouquet by including strelitzia stems, also known as Bird of Paradise. These exotic stems look similar to a tropical bird with their orange and blue petals. The origami crane-like flowers are a great way to add color and an exotic feel to any bouquet,' she shares. 

Larry Walshe, celebrity London designer and founder of the luxury online florist, Bloom similarly praises the Bird of Paradise, sharing: 'Birds of Paradise is the quintessential tropical bloom. Originating from South Africa, the striking flower gets its name from its vibrant orange and blue petals that fuse together as a single bud and result in a shape that represents a tropical bird in flight. 

'Due to the sculptural nature of this exotic bloom, I recommend displaying them alone in a robust vase for maximum impact,' he adds. 

4. Calla Lilies 

Who says that one Lily is enough? When it comes to exotic blooms, more is always more, and so we’re following Flowercard’s recommendations – Calla Lilies.  

‘Calla Lillies are a perfect addition to any bouquet. Native to South Africa, they symbolize rebirth and purity. They are a very elegant flower and come in a range of colors, including white, yellow, and pink, shares Flowercard’s Chief Operating Officer, Liam Lapping.

Tropical flower trend

(Image credit: Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash)

5. Ecuadorian Roses

'You may think that the best roses are grown in the home counties, but the classic blooms can be much more exotic than you might first expect. A number of Bloom’s roses are sourced both in Ecuador and Kenya, where the hot natural climates provide much larger heads and an expansive color palette, including the vintage hues which we all love,' shares Larry. 

He continues: 'Both Ecuadorian and Kenyan roses are without a doubt some of the finest in the world, and Bloom is proud to stock Fairtrade certified roses. The beautiful blooms also hitch a ride on commercial airlines, meaning that they are not adding to the environmental impact of cargo planes.'

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We certainly need no more encouragement – we're going to fill our homes with these tropical flowers until we are able to enjoy them in their natural habitat once again. 

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