These IKEA Drawer Organizers Will Reinstate Order to your Bathroom Vanity Thanks to a Clever 'Clip' Feature

Say goodbye to cluttered vanity drawers and welcome perfectly organized compartments that are totally satisfying

A neatly organized bathroom drawer with compartments for toothbrushes, skin care, rubber ducks and more
(Image credit: IKEA)

We've all experienced that moment of frustration when you're late to leave your home but you just can't seem to find that one thing you need to grab from your bathroom. Whether it's a specific lipstick shade, a bottle of after-shave, or a pair of tweezers, the items may be different but the feeling of exasperation is always the same.

Optimizing your bathroom storage is the key to training your space to suit your daily routines so you can find whatever you need in a heartbeat. When it comes to streamlining your drawers, simple compartmentalized organizers can make your life so much easier, and our trusty friends at IKEA have the solution. These drawer organizers may be unassuming in design but they're unbelievably helpful in action. Here's why experts love them.

IKEA VISSLAÅN for perfectly organized drawers

A neatly organized bathroom drawer with compartments for toothbrushes, skin care, nail clippers and more

(Image credit: IKEA)

The product in question is IKEA's VISSLAÅN drawer organizers and the ever-loved Scandi brand claims that this is the perfect product to give your everyday essentials a space of their own. The three-piece set includes a toothbrush holder, a tray, and a miscellaneous holder, all of which are doused in a dark gray hue that works perfectly in any neutral bathroom.

We find that these drawer organizers are especially helpful for homeowners who have small bathrooms. In a more confined bathroom space, each spot of countertop space is extremely valuable. So having little compartments to sort your daily essentials can actually come in very handy.

Melanie Summers, founder of I Speak Organized, tells us that the VISSLAÅN organizers are a wonderful blend of form and function. 'The neutral acrylic does a good job of allowing you to see the contents within the container,' she says. 'While also helping to mute the colors and fonts of the items being contained, which is fantastic for those who get visually overstimulated by clutter.'

According to Melanie, these organizers are fantastic at taming clutter. 'They make it so easy to categorize and store your items efficiently,' she notes. 'And the modular design means you can mix and match them to fit different drawer sizes and storage needs, which really helps maximize your space.'

Home organization expert Meaghan Kessman also finds the organizers to be a great storage idea for tidier bathrooms, telling us they have the potential to transform your drawers from chaotic catch-alls to neatly arranged spaces. She especially commends the clean lines and neutral color as it makes them versatile enough to blend seamlessly into any decor style. If you're looking to declutter your junk drawer and organize your cosmetics, this set of organizers should be top of your list.

While there are plenty of drawer organizers on the market, Meaghan points out one thing that sets the VISSLAÅN apart from the rest - a standout clipping feature. 'This innovative mechanism securely attaches the organizers to the inside of the drawer, preventing them from shifting and ensuring your items stay in place,' she says.

This new IKEA buy may have made the list of bathroom organizers that professionals always recommend, but Meaghan tells us that you don't need to limit its use to this space. 'Utilize them in kitchen drawers to keep utensils, small tools, and even spice packets organized,' she says. 'Or tame the chaos of desk drawers by sorting pens, pencils, paperclips, sticky notes, and other office essentials.'

You could also relocate them to the living room to manage remote controls, chargers, and other miscellaneous items inside a drawer under your coffee or console table. 'Their versatility really makes them a must-have for any room that needs a bit of micro-organizing magic,' Meaghan says.

Besides the functional benefits of this buy, we can't help but admire the shinily inexpensive price point. At only $7 a pop, we officially bump this to our list of budget bathroom must-haves.

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