This New Fridge Organizer From IKEA Gives You Loads of Extra Storage Space — It's the Best $6 You'll Spend

This so-simple idea is a no-brainer addition to your fridge. It's versatile and will add storage spots for smaller food items

an open fridge with organizers inside
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Just when we all thought having well-disguised cable cords and a tidy tupperware cupboard was enough to call our kitchens organized, Instagram and TikTok blew up with videos on how to organize your fridge, making us step up our decluttering game all over again. For some of us, this was an exciting new trend to play around with, but for others, it was a 'where do I even begin?' moment.

Whichever camp you fall in, IKEA's latest product is set to be a game-changer when it comes to how to organize a fridge so that you never forget a half-used jar of mustard at the back of the shelf again. The KLIPPKAKTUS storage drawer clips on to the bottom of the fridge shelf to maximize on space and give a home to those smaller foods which tend to get scattered around anywhere that they will fit. 

Designed to make the most of your fridge space, this cost-friendly solution will have your fridge interior spick and span in no time. Here's why the KLIPPKAKTUS is so worth it and our pick of the best clip-on storage drawers out there.

How It Works

Clear clip on storage box

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The KLIPPKAKTUS storage box attaches to the bottom of a fridge shelf making it a hanging drawer for extra storage space. An open fridge shelf can be difficult to keep tidy as we are all guilty of throwing things in wherever they'll fit when we're in a rush. By using storage boxes, however, it's much easier to keep your food neatly separated and to give your fridge an organized look. 

Clear plastic storage boxes are a great way of making sure you can see all of the things you have in the fridge meaning you'll never again forget about the tiny pot of curry paste that you need to use by the end of the week. By using a clip-on storage box you are using the in-between the shelves space really efficiently.

The KLIPPKAKTUS drawer slides out seamlessly and is only 7.5" wide meaning you can likely fit a couple of them side by side to really make the most of your fridge space. At just $5.99, this is a genius way to achieve an Instagram-worthy fridge and get that 'I've got my life together' feeling. 

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