Shutterstock’s Color Trends Report 2022 – experts react to the tones you’re going to see everywhere next year

The creative platform has forecast a tranquil yet playful 2022 – here’s what the experts think

Green color drenched kitchen and dining room by Little Greene
(Image credit: Little Greene)

Shutterstock, the global creative platform, has announced its Color Trends Report, and the future looks minimalist, nostalgic, and equally elegant. 

After analyzing millions of image downloads and pixel data, Shutterstock has revealed the three most rapidly-growing colors, along with the shades that will continue to make waves in twenty countries around the world. The colors in question are green – the ever-powerful natural hue – followed by Calming Coral, Velvet Violet, and Pacific Pink

The Color Trends Report is designed to offer creatives newfound confidence to action artistic insights and design work with a lasting impact – but above all – they are influencing our painted wall ideas. Here, those in the know react to the colors that aren’t going anywhere. 

Little Greene ceiling

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Eva Sonaike 

Eva Sonaike is synonymous with a bold palette, so when it comes to color trends, she’s our first port of call. Eva says that she completely understands why green, coral, violet, and pink will be popular colors for 2022, as they are amongst her favorite colors – both in fashion and interiors. 

‘After the uncertainty of the last years and the forthcoming winter with rising infection levels, we are all in desperate need of some fresh and uplifting colors,’ Eva explains. 

The designer continues, sharing her green living room ideas that are set to stay in fashion for a long time to come. ‘Green, which is almost a neutral in interior design, reminds us of nature, a new beginning and brings happiness and calm to the home,’ she says. 

Eva continues: ‘Coral, violet, and pink are analogous colors, which sit next to each other on the color wheel. They are bright and exciting tones that are associated with energy and symbolize health and vitality. I think we all need a good dose of this for 2022.’

Colorful painted room with bright tones

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Tara Benet 

New York designer Tara Benet similarly agrees with Eva, yet she particularly focuses on Shutterstock’s most vibrant tones, coral and pink. ‘We are seeing a growing interest in colors that have been overlooked over the last few years,’ Tara says. 

‘Grays and blues have been so prevalent for so long my clients are often looking for something different- a fresh and natural palette. Coral, pinks, and especially greens are warm and inviting and work in both a modern farmhouse and an urban setting.’

From a New York City hangout to a modern-rustic farmhouse, Shutterstock's palette will work for you.

Gray-green dining table in a room designed by Annie Sloan

(Image credit: Annie Sloan)

Rande Leaman 

While Tara suggests Shutterstock’s Color Trends Report will take over the East Coast, Los Angeles-based designer Rande Leaman forecasts it will come for the West Coast too. 

She shares that, recently, her client’s most widely requested color palate has been various shades of green – and she anticipates this modern decorating idea will continue long into 2022.

‘The freshness of green and its connection to nature and the outdoors really resonates with homeowners,’ Rande says. ‘We’ve recently used green in kitchen cabinetry and in built-ins, as well as wallpaper and paint color. There is a big desire to surround ourselves with happier, fresher color schemes, and corals, pinks, and violet tones are fast gaining ground.’

Home office with flamingo pink wall, red chair and abstract artwork

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day / Hannah Franklin)

But how does Rande suggest bringing these tones into your scheme? ‘We have been using these colors in accessories, pillows, and in art,’ she says. ‘One of my favorite ways to utilize these shades is to make a bold statement with an accent chair in a deep coral or with a wallpaper in lilac tones.’

More information about Shutterstock’s 2022 Color Trends Report is available here. In the meantime, it’s time to invest in green, coral, pink, and a luscious violet. You heard it here first.  

Megan Slack

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