This Scandi-inspired secret will instantly elevate your living room storage system

This Nordic storage solution combines style and multi-functionality to create a seamless living space

Scandi-inspired storage system
(Image credit: Future / Jon Day Photography)

Discovering a stylish storage system can be tricky – especially in a living room – where every design decision leaves a lasting impression. However, this Scandinavian-approved storage solution keeps your home neat and tidy without sacrificing your scheme. 

Yes, experts have shared a living room storage idea that will keep your space organized – whilst making a Nordic-style statement that celebrities minimalism. The secret? White solid oak. 

According to designers, white oak is almost too stylish to be practical – and it will accentuate your space instantly. Here’s everything you need to know before making the investment. 

White oak Scandi storage solution  

Scandi-inspired living room

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day Photography)

According to Simon Bodsworth, the Managing Director of Daval, the secret behind a Scandi living room is found in rich timber – a material that allows you to ‘maximize your storage while bringing natural beauty to your home.’ And white oak is the epitome of this stylish storage idea

‘Popular Nordic-inspired interiors have a strong focus on texture and light, so a white-washed finish is a great way to go in terms of your furniture choice,’ Simon explains. He adds that classic oak (in warmer mid-tones) is a similar alternative that ‘creates a balance between light and dark when using natural raw materials.’

‘By opting for soothing colors, you will ensure your scheme is calm and clutter-free, and we are finding that solid oak has become a go-to option for creating a sense of calm and serenity in the living room,’ he says. 

Scandi-inspired living room

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day Photography)

White or warmer mid-toned oak will leave you with a scheme that is both calm and clutter-free, as the expert adds – these materials will bring organization and serenity to your living room. 

But what makes this style so Scandi? Designers at Swoon suggest it comes down to its emphasis on natural materials that are a staple of Nordic nations. 

‘Scandinavian style is defined by bright and open spaces, natural materials, cozy textiles, and simplistic shapes – much like the homes you would expect to see in the Nordic regions of the world,’ they say. 

Scandi-inspired living room

(Image credit: Future / Jon Day Photography)

While the modern decorating powerhouse argues that the Scandinavian look is hard to pull off, we suggest this oak storage solution is a great place to start. Who knew storage could look this stylish?

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