Yes, these luxury loungewear ideas spark big joy this April

Luxury loungewear suggestions that are so stylish they'll make every week a happy one.

luxury loungewear to wear at home
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A year into this worldwide pandemic, I've found myself on the hunt for one thing and one thing only: luxury loungewear. This heightened version of loungewear is the only thing that has added a bit of excitement back into my life — and wardrobe – and made my life feel not so much like 'Groundhogs Day,' or at least that's what I think. 

However, as exceptional as luxury loungewear can (and will be), before slipping into your brand-new ensemble — and way before finalizing your online purchase — every single piece needs to check one designated box.  

Among that list? 

First and foremost: any pant, top, or jumpsuit needs to align with the current season. Now, granted, in a perfect world, any item up for consideration would be sustainable or eco-friendly and as comfortable as the best mattress, (opens in new tab) but that's not what I'm talking about here. 

Here, this composition needs to evoke emotion. It needs to spark joy — make you feel something, and the foolproof way of achieving that? 

Identifying an article of clothing (or a handful of pieces) that are bright, bold, and oh-so-uplifting. 

The time has come to go big or go home (color-wise, of course), and we're here to help. 

Whether you're lounging outside on the best garden furniture (opens in new tab) or sitting in yet another Zoom call, these nine luxury loungewear suggestions will uplift your mood day-in-and-day-out. 

1. Start small with an off-white

For those who are not exactly sure where to start color-wise, let us suggest the safest shade of them all: off-white. Off-white is white's more stylish sister, and is to the warmer months, what black is to the colder seasons: versatile, suitable, and always-in-style. 

luxury loungewear jumpsuit

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Freja-Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Better by DL (opens in new tab)

Freja-Wide Leg Jumpsuit, Better by DL (opens in new tab) for $279, at DL1961

Let's start by saying this Freja (opens in new tab) utility-inspired jumpsuit with a straight leg, voluminous sleeves, and a center front button closure does it all. 

Available in the 'Ecru' shade, this natural-colored denim made without using harmful abrasives or dyes utilizes botanic Tencel to lend an ultra-soft hand feels and certified cotton, so you look good and feel good wearing it. In short? It's the sustainable, stylish piece you'll love wearing on your sofa. 

2. Brighten up your day with a gorgeous golden-yellow hue

Sure, sure, off-white is sensational, but we're confident your loungewear will get even better if you go a bit brighter. Enhance your look and your mood by opting for a golden-yellow choice that's both subtle and sophisticated. After all, it is the Pantone color of the year!  

luxury loungewear nap dress

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The Ellie Nap Dress (opens in new tab)

The Ellie Nap Dress (opens in new tab)for $225, at Hill House Home

Spring into style à la this gorgeous golden jacquard dress (opens in new tab)! Suitable for work or play (or both!), the particular fabric adds a little bit of shine and sophistication, while the comfortable design is proper for lounging. Factor in the dainty detailed print throughout and consider this the most luxurious loungewear to date. 

3. Taste the rainbow with this sweet sweater

If selecting just one shade seems a bit daunting, why not go for all of them? A rainbow-inspired piece will instantly lift your mood and make your day brighter than ever before. 

luxury loungewear sweater from LoveShackFancy

(Image credit: LoveShackFancy)
Horatio Oversized Cardigan (opens in new tab)

Horatio Oversized Cardigan (opens in new tab) for $675, at LoveShackFancy

This oversized, duster-style sweater (opens in new tab) is a perfect layering piece for cooler days. Huddle up in this cozy weighted color-blocked cotton knit when the temperatures dip or throw it on to elevate your Zoom calls; either way, it's sure to sizzle. 

4. Lighten up your look with the help of lavender

If you're looking for a pared-down look that still looks (and feels) luxurious, we highly suggest lavender. The unofficial shade of spring looks lovely on everyone and will give your WFH-look a complete revamp. 

Naadam luxury loungewear 3/4 sweater

(Image credit: Naadam)
Three-Quarter-Sleeve Sweatshirt (opens in new tab)

Three-Quarter-Sleeve Sweatshirt (opens in new tab) for $135, at Naadam

We are particularly keen on this 3/4 sweater (opens in new tab) for a handful of reasons, with the first and foremost being its lavish lavender shade. Made from 100% Mongolian cashmere, this crew neckline, fitted cuff sleeves, and ultra-flattering hem will keep our looks cute and cozy and perfectly on-trend with the sustainable season. 

Cashmere Sweatpants (opens in new tab)

Cashmere Sweatpants (opens in new tab) for $175, at Naadam

Take your lavender look to new heights courtesy of these luxurious, medium-weight cashmere, ultra-comfortable joggers (opens in new tab). This pair features a drawstring high waist, woven from elastic yarn (no bunching here!) and ribbed ankle cuffs that are pure perfection. 

5. Stay trendy in terracotta 

Another shade to spring into style with is terracotta. Previously used to infuse our homes with a natural-based alternative from tan or brown, this 'middleman' shade (if you will) bridges the gap between neutral and trendy. 

Summersalt luxury loungewear french terry top

(Image credit: Summersalt)
crew shirt (opens in new tab)

The Softest French Terry Relaxed Crew for $65, at Summersalt

Imagine your best, worn-in t-shirt had a love child with a cozy blanket. Enter: this next-level terry crew shirt (opens in new tab) made with eco-friendly TENCEL. 

6. Opt to be bright and bold in blue

Parachute luxury loungewear universal set

(Image credit: Parachute)
Men's Waffle Set (opens in new tab)

Men's Waffle Set (opens in new tab) for $149, at Parachute

Perhaps one of the best parts about a men's set is the versatility. Take this sustainable set (opens in new tab)for example: for females, it's an oversized look that screams "I woke up this fabulous," while men shine in understated sophistication. Either way, it's the ultimate win-win. 

7. Sway towards this swoon-worthy set

Anthropologie luxury loungewear set

(Image credit: Anthropologie)
Sierra Lounge Set (opens in new tab)

Sierra Lounge Set (opens in new tab) for $148, at Anthropologie

Sweetly adorned with colorful contrast motifs, this lounge set (opens in new tab)puts a whimsical twist on your at-home routine. Factor in the four fabulous renditions up for grabs? It's impossible to narrow it down to just one. 

8. Stay pretty in pink

Versatility is the key when you're shopping for new loungewear, and while black or navy might speak to you at first, we highly recommend this pink number that will leave everyone blushing. 

luxury loungewear

(Image credit: Saylor)
Molly Jumpsuit (opens in new tab)

Molly Jumpsuit (opens in new tab)for $209, at Saylor

The Molly Jumpsuit (opens in new tab)is hands-down the most comfortable easiest jumpsuit you'll wear all year long. Featuring a tie at the waist, tank-style top, and available in a pretty pink hue, it's impossible not to wear this luxury loungewear on repeat. 

9. Remain ravishing in red

Naturally, we've saved the best for last: red. While red may be a bit daunting at first, it's exceptional for anyone looking to stay out in a crowd or simply lift spirits while gardening in the backyard. 

Nobis luxury loungewear

(Image credit: Nobis)
Terra Ladies Thigh Length Jacket (opens in new tab)

Terra Ladies Thigh Length Jacket (opens in new tab)for $650, at Nobis

The one silver lining I've found throughout the pandemic? It is that we've broadened our horizons on what constitutes 'luxury loungewear.' 

Previously, the term was exclusively reserved for sweatpants and hoodies, however now? Now, we can consider pieces such as this jacket (opens in new tab) that's available in a ravishing red shade.

Equally as versatile and even more comfortable, the adjustable waist and waterproof shell make it suitable for every activity: from lounging outside during your lunch hour to your daily gardening responsibilities.

Still, want more? Check out additional luxury loungewear suggestions below: 

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