5 design lessons to note from LEVEN, Manchester’s most stylish new hangout

Hidden in a red brick cotton warehouse, LEVEN combines Scandinavian style with Mancunian soul – this is what it’s taught us about design

Retro style bedroom in Manchester
(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

With its Crittall windows and scarlet brick façade, the history of Manchester’s chicest new hotel is undisputed. Housed inside a former cotton warehouse, LEVEN integrates modern minimalism with raw industrial bones – to create a fashionable retreat that is fitting for its place in the northern powerhouse. 

LEVEN is yet to welcome its first guests in October, but why wait to steal its style? Here we’ve listed our five favorite modern home decor ideas so you can live like LEVEN long before opening day.  

1. Experiment with color drenching  

Gray color drenching in LEVEN Manchester

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

When it comes to painted wall ideas, few methods make a statement quite like color drenching. 

Paint experts, including Livingetc’s favorite Abigal Ahern, have hailed the technique for its maximalist qualities, but this is not quite as daring as it initially appears. While it may involve drenching your room in ‘one’ color, this hue comes in various tones saturations, meaning your room is not one block color but combines different shades that make a statement without sacrificing style. 

For an exemplary showcase of the technique, follow LEVEN’s lead and drench your home with gray by combining saturations through your paint, furnishings, and accessories. Gray is the color of the year, after all. 

2. Invest in an invisible kitchen  

Invisible style kitchen in LEVEN

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

Invisible kitchens have recently made waves in the design industry, but what does this futuristic trend actually involve? 

Despite its mysterious moniker, this modern kitchen idea does not involve turning your kitchen into an entirely invisible space – but it does involve making your space notably more discreet. 

Here, LEVEN incorporates the trend by concealing kitchen appliances behind sleek cabinets that continue to room’s color scheme and make the kitchen feel less like a kitchen and more like an extension of the wider space. If the future looks like LEVEN, we’ll be happy indeed. 

3. Master the art of task lighting 

Small dining table with large light fitting

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

According to Buster + Punch’s founder, Massimo Buster Minale, ‘task lighting’ is the secret to boutique hotel ambiance – and LEVEN is no exception. 

From the feature piece above the dining table to the brass reading light by the side table, LEVEN illuminates specific pockets of the space which are fit for a ‘task’ rather than flooding the room with purposeless light. This makes the space feel more curated and sophisticated, especially when night falls across Manchester. 

4. Bring a bathtub to the bedroom 

Large free standing tub with house plant

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

While visions of a freestanding tub in your bedroom may not seem fitting beyond a hotel room, LEVEN will convince you to give the statement a try. It’s the elegant bedroom idea that epitomizes luxury whilst standing as a talking point – and offering unrivaled fun. 

Yes, this bold piece has its practical assets, but it is a focal point that will steal the limelight and add hints of regency into any space.  

5. Dare to go diagonal  

Diagonal flooring near dining set

(Image credit: Mariell Lind Hansen)

While diagonal flooring has an eternal aesthetic value, its qualities stretch beyond its good looks to its size-enhancing qualities. Those in the know have praised diagonal flooring for its ability to make a space look longer, especially when placed lengthwise. 

Need any more convincing? Founder of Gunter&Co Interiors, Irene Gunter, explains that the pattern can go ‘a long way to making a space appear larger’ as she uses ‘wood on a diagonal’ to make the room seem bigger. This is the hallway floor idea your home needs.

More information about LEVEN Manchester is available via their website.  

Megan Slack

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