Kirsten Dunst's Kitchen Cabinet Color is the Best Way to do "Classic and Cozy With a Modern Edge", say Designers

Featuring exposed brick, heavy metal windows, and beautiful skyline vistas, the Manhattan apartment can now be yours for $7 million

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It's been more than 20 since Kirsten Dunst was seen swinging across Manhattan's skyline with co-star Toby Maguire in the original Spider-Man film, and now she's ready to say goodbye to NYC. The actress just put her 2-bed, 2-bath penthouse on the market for $7 million, offering us a glimpse of the industrial style interiors inside the Canal Street apartment, and it was the moody kitchen cabinet color that really caught our eye.

When you picture a Manhattan penthouse, Kirsten's pad - situated atop the Hudson Square neighborhood - is pretty much it. Featuring exposed brickwork and large columns, and boasting impressive skyline vistas, the riverside property embodies everything we love about urban chic. The delicate pastel palette seen throughout the home offers a gentle contrast to the dark wood floors, red brick, and heavy iron windows, but it was the smoky hue of the cabinetry in her modern kitchen that really got us, and designers, talking.

Pulling together a color palette for an industrial interior style is easier said than done, but Kirsten (and, likely, her advisory design team) have pulled this one off expertly. Blush pinks and aquamarines make for a bright and welcoming space elsewhere in the open-plan home, but the moody kitchen is arguably the most striking.

With chunky wooden floorboards, a wood slat wall and ceiling, and an exposed concrete column, the space feels raw and gritty. It's the smoky blue cabinet color that offers the most pigment and, with its gray undertones, it offers a beautiful point of contrast to the overwhelming red and brown tones.

'In the sphere of celebrity homes, Kirsten Dunst's kitchen has sparked quite the buzz, particularly her bold choice of blue cabinetry,' says Nina Lichtenstein, interior designer and founder of Nina's Home Design. 'The actress, known for her eclectic style both on and off the screen, has once again captivated audiences with her design prowess, and her decision to adorn her kitchen with blue cabinetry adds a refreshing pop of color that injects personality and charm into the heart of her home.'

An open plan kitchen with gray-blue cabinets in an industrial style apartment with exposed brickwork and concrete columns

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Steely blue shades like the one pictured in Kirsten's kitchen have been having a real moment lately, something Nina says can be attributed to the unexpectedly warm and comforting qualities this cool-toned color can bring to a space. 'The rich, deep shade of blue chosen creates a sense of warmth and coziness while still maintaining a contemporary edge,' she says. 'Against a backdrop of exposed brick and sleek countertops, the blue cabinetry becomes the focal point, drawing the eye and inviting admiration.'

But why the sudden surge in popularity of blue kitchens, especially? According to Nina, this bold yet versatile hue is often chosen when a desire for authenticity and individuality is at play. In a world where stark white kitchens have been the norm, moody darker schemes are now coming to the fore. 'In an age of mass production and cookie-cutter aesthetics, homeowners are increasingly drawn to colors and styles that reflect their unique personalities and preferences,' she says. 'Blue, with its endless variations and universal appeal, provides the perfect canvas for self-expression.'

That said, gray-toned blues like the hue of Kirsten's kitchen cabinets might not be the best choice if you want an enduring color that stays relevant for years to come. 'Blue kitchens have been very in for several years now and, while I think they're here to stay for a while, they do have their drawbacks,' says interior designer Amy Youngblood of Amy Youngblood Interiors. Mainly as a deep color and not a neutral it doesn’t have a lot of staying power and, when the trends change, cabinetry can be quite expensive to change out unless you decide to repaint it to something more neutral which is always timeless.'

What color are Kirsten's cabinets?

An open plan kitchen with gray-blue cabinets in an industrial style apartment with exposed brickwork and concrete columns

(Image credit: Corcoran Group)

Nevertheless, this gentle, velvety hue is sure to turn heads, so if you're looking to inject a bit of blue into your space, you'll be hoping for a good color match. 'For those inspired by Dunst's daring choice, a close match to her stunning blue cabinetry can be found in Benjamin Moore's "Hale Navy" (HC-154),' says Nina. 'This deep, sophisticated hue captures the essence of a sparkling Sapphire Sky, bringing a touch of Hollywood glamour to any kitchen space.'

To recreate the entire look, pair with chunky silver cabinet hardware, warm red tones, and a sparkling marble countertop for a contemporary, industrial-style space that looks straight out of a NYC real estate catalog.

Listed by Laura Weinkam of Corcoran Realty.

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