Khloe Kardashian's Layered Marble Kitchen Gives A High Drama Look that Designers Love

Marble is the material of choice in Khloe's kitchen, but she's taken it to the next level for a high impact look

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The Kardashian-Jenner clan have long been associated with uber modern homes which boast slick black and white interiors and perfectly organized shoe-drobes. It comes as no surprise then that Khloe Kardashian, the much-loved joker of the five celebrity sisters, has a swoon-worthy kitchen at the heart of her Hidden Hills home.

Sharing a sweet snap on Instagram of daughter True and niece Dream posing together, it was her modern kitchen, featuring a bold marble, which really piqued the interest of her 310M followers. Marble is a staple in many celebrity kitchens with its timeless, luxury look, and Khloe is seemingly such a fan of the material that she hasn't just used it on her countertops but on the whole kitchen island and backsplash too, creating a dramatic 'saturated' marble look.

We spoke to interior designers to get the low down on Khloe's design choice, from the color to the material details, to how they think marble kitchens will evolve in the next few years. Here's what they had to say. 

Marble kitchen island by Ryan Saghian

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Khloe's waterfall marble kitchen island with a matching backsplash is an elegant choice for her standout kitchen. Using marble on this many surfaces is a great way to give the kitchen a high-impact yet delicately beautiful aesthetic.

'I absolutely love Khloe Kardashian’s marble-clad kitchen,' says Elana Mendelson, interior designer and owner of Elana Designs. 'The beautiful dark gray and white background and black veining adds movement, color and a true depth to the kitchen. It’s rich, warm and exciting!' 

It's no surprise that Khloe's swanky design taste would result in her incorporating one of the most lust-worthy kitchen trends of 2024. But, in true trendsetter style, she has opted for a slightly more unusual marble colorway to make her kitchen stand out.

For a long time, white varieties of marble like Calacatta have been the go-to choices of designers and homeowners alike. 'White has been so popular,' says Elana. 'The white Calacatta is cooler in tone and works well with light cabinets for a monochromatic kitchen or bathroom.'

Khloe's kitchen, however, makes a case for darker, moodier marble tones. Playing around with kitchen colors is a great way to change how the room feels, and Khloe's gray-toned marble creates an added depth and richness compared to the clean white marble look. 

Dramatic white marble kitchen island

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'What's refreshing about gray-toned marbles is that there’s a lot more variation, saturation, and depth to the stone,' notes Elana. 'It can be paired with a multitude of kitchen cabinet styles and colors to achieve totally different aesthetics.' Whilst we don't know the specifics of the marble that Khloe has chosen, Amy Youngblood, interior designer, has a strong theory. 'My best guess is this is a Nambia marble with the variety of both light and dark veining as well as the more mid-tone gray shade,' she says. 

It may well be that we start to see more gray-toned marble cropping up in kitchen designs after seeing how well Khloe has made it work, but it'll be tough to beat the popularity of white marble. 'It will be interesting to see how the gray versus white marble trend plays out in the next couple of years,' says Elana. Only time will tell. 

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