These Genius Pots and Pans Solve a Huge Kitchen Storage Problem — They're so Clever for Small Spaces

Joseph Joseph just launched its very first cookware line — and every piece includes one ingenious innovation that completely changes the kitchen storage game

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I'd love to tell you I love in a home with unlimited cabinet space. I'd love to tell you my pantry is the size of a walk-in closet. I'd love to tell you I don't have roommates with kitchen items of their own. But I'd be lying. Because none of that is true. I'm actually working with ... not a lot of space at all ... but I have managed to keep my space comfy, cozy, and above all, chic.

An elegant, luxury home doesn't have to be the biggest, and that's the mentality with which I have lived my life so far. So trust me when I say I'm always on the lookout for the best space-saving buys from the best home decor brands, and that today, I might have the perfect cookware solution for anyone who is doing their best in a small metropolitan apartment (or a small suburban home; I don't judge!).

As we speak, beloved homeware brand Joseph Joseph has launched a new collection of professional-grade cookware (its very first!) with one unique upgrade that's going to change your kitchen storage forever.

What's so special about this cookware?

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The brand's first cookware range features patented SwingLock technology. This innovative mechanism allows the handles of each piece of cookware to fold inward, maximizing storage and minimizing mess.

Storing pots and pans is one of the trickiest parts of organizing your kitchen. Their shape, with protruding handles, means you have to play Tetris with them to get them to fit together in the drawer, and almost certainly you end up with wasted space. It's the perfect solution for an apartment dweller like me, or a homeowner looking to make the most of their cabinets.

This ingenious line, crafted from aluminum, is finished in a non-stick ceramic coating and a midnight blue coloring. It's also induction-compatible and oven and dishwasher-safe (though handwashing is encouraged to prolong its guaranteed 20-year life span).

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The range is available to shop now at Williams Sonoma, Sur la Table, and the flagship Joseph Joseph site, but I've already gone ahead and curated a handy-dandy little edit for you. So go ahead and take a look — I think you're really going to like this one!

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