Jenson Button's Dreamy Neutral Kitchen Shows Exactly How to do Wooden Cabinetry in 2024

This calming kitchen has captured our hearts (and the high-end hardware brand it features should definitely be on your radar)

A neutral wooden kitchen with a large bar and organic wooden bar stalls
(Image credit: @jessicajalexander)

If you're a fan of soft and neutral decor, you're certainly going to be captivated by this calming kitchen. The organic modern masterpiece is home to Formula 1 star Jenson Button and his wife Brittny, an interior designer. When he's not racing around the track, Jenson's home clearly offers the perfect space to kick back, relax, and escape the chaos of competing. 

We recently caught a glimpse inside the couple's newly renovated space when high-end hardware brand Buster & Punch - who feature across the entire kitchen - shared a video tour on their Instagram. Featuring warm wooden tones, lime wash walls, and abstract, organic-inspired shapes, the space quickly captured our hearts, so we were in pole position to find out more. We caught up with Brittny to find out how their modern kitchen came together and how you can replicate the look in your own home. 

A neutral wooden kitchen with a large bar and organic wooden bar stalls

(Image credit: @jessicajalexander)

At a time when clinical white kitchens are quickly being replaced by dark, moody designs, the traditional wood-cabinet kitchen falls into a somewhat liminal space. Heavy, Mid-century-influenced kitchens have certainly fallen out of favor, but this softer, organic-inspired look succeeds where others don't. 

It's all thanks to the lighter wood tones, the artisanal grey limewash walls, and of course, the contemporary cabinet pulls that add a glimmer of luxury. The space certainly makes a case for the enduring relevance of wooden kitchen cabinets, making them feel chic, contemporary, and classy. 

Increased functionality was really the driving force behind Jenson's kitchen renovation, however. 'Originally, the kitchen felt disconnected from the rest of the house and was too small square footage-wise,' explains Jenson's wife Brittny Button, owner of Button Atelier and the designer at the helm of this kitchen. 'To combat this, I arched the entry doorways and took out a dividing wall to connect the eating area to become one unifying space. I also built out two butler’s pantries that flank the main room allowing for food and drink prep while simultaneously hiding daily clutter.' 

The couple also opted for double kitchen islands, a pipe dream for many but a must-have for this family (who have three dogs, two busy toddlers, and love to host friends). If space permits, the extra storage and countertop space of an extra island will always be a win. 'Design for me needs to feel accessible and striking even in the kitchen,' adds Brittny. 'A gathering area that can be more focused on function rather than feel beautifully designed.'

It wasn't all about functionality, though. The curved lines, stone materials, and intriguing carved bar stools epitomize the organic modern style and make for a seriously relaxing kitchen. 

To give those natural materials an elegant contemporary twist, in came the hardware. courtesy of Buster & Punch. You may have spotted the London-based brand in last year's series of Selling Sunset after Oppenheim Group - realtors to the elite - partnered with the brand. The brand's finishing touches are the true jewelry of a room, and nowhere more so than in this kitchen where elegant brass pull bars add a luxurious touch to the cabinets. 

'Buster & Punch's product selection offers mini versions of utilitarian sculpture - impactful in the statement they can make,' says Brittny. 'My cabinets are done in natural oak, creating a refined effect when paired with Buster & Punch's linear L-bar pull bars in brass. The craftsmanship is evident; their inclusion adds hits of glamor that play throughout the interior.' 

Brittny paired these cabinet pulls with matching Buster & Punch outlets and electricity toggles which, paired with the plaster-finished walls, 'evokes an instant European vibe'.

For a kitchen that transports you to a sun-soaked Mediterranean villa, take a leaf out of Brittny's book. Her and Jenson's kitchen proves wooden cabinets can still feel contemporary, and that the finishing touches clearly count more than you think. 

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