This is the exact bookcase Jenna Lyons uses in her Soho apartment, and it's beautiful

Jenna Lyons has spoken, and storage systems have never looked better

Jenna Lyons's apartment in New York
(Image credit: © Simon Watson)

When Jenna Lyons shares design notes, we listen. The former creative director and president for J.Crew knows a thing or two about creating a stylish scheme – as exemplified in her Soho apartment. 

Jenna's urban retreat is a trove of modern decorating ideas (room dividers and coral sofas included), but there is nothing quite so chic as her book storage solution. 

Luckily for everyone, Jenna revealed more details of her home office set-up – and you can recreate the look by picking up a shelving system from Vitsoe. Here's everything you need to know about our latest storage crush. 

Jenna Lyon's favorite bookcase  

Jenna Lyons's apartment in New York

(Image credit: Nicole Frazen)

'I have 99 problems, and bookshelves are definitely one – it's probably the number 2 or 3 question I get asked on The Expert – where to find good bookshelves or desk set-ups!' Jenna says on Instagram

According to Vitsoe, the unit in question is the 606 Universal Shelving System, designed by Dieter Rams for the brand in 1960. 

The designer revealed that the Vitsoe classic is one of her favorites – sharing an image (above) of her unit in all its glory in her home. 'The others are images [in the gallery] that show the diversity in set-ups you can have. I'm totally into it,' she adds. 

Jenna Lyons's apartment in New York

(Image credit: © Simon Watson)

But why does Jenna Lyons regard her Vitsoe so highly? 'They're beautifully and simply constructed, don't warp, are clean and streamlined as well as being recognized as one of the most eco-friendly and economical shelving systems available,' Jenna says. 

The designer's home office idea is synonymous with style, but its qualities don't end there. 'Shockingly, I picked something that doesn't break the bank. You're welcome.' 

This Shelving System is described by Vitsoe as timeless, and we imagine Jenna would agree. 'It moves with you when you move; and constant additions and improvements ensure that it always caters for today's needs,' they add. 

Vitsoe bookcase

(Image credit: Vitsoe)

Despite being over sixty years old, the unit is setting interior design trends on both sides of the Atlantic – and we expect it will stick around for many more years to come.

After sharing her admiration, Jenna Lyon's post received a lot of love from other celebrities who shared their love for the unit. Actress Tommy Dorfman labeled her home set-up as a 'mood' whilst artist Gloria J Noto said she was 'obsessed.' And what can we say, but we're obsessed too. 

Jenna Lyons's apartment in New York

(Image credit: Vitsoe)

You can pick up a 606 Shelving System via Vitose.

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