Jenna Lyons gives us full permission to spend on these three items

The style guru has shared her investment notes, and she recommends following suit

Lights in a bright painted room
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Designer Jenna Lyons has revealed three items that are always worth the investment, and when Jenna shares her secrets, we listen. 

The former creative director and president of J.Crew has transitioned to the peak of the interior design industry – where she currently offers advice through The Expert. Part of her expertise includes the three items that you should ‘never skimp on’ – and from the living space to the bedroom – we’re rushing to follow Jenna’s modern decorating ideas

The 3 things that are always worth the investment, according to Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons reveals what is worth the investment

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1. Light fixtures

‘To me, the place where I would not skimp is lighting. Vintage lighting, beautiful lighting is one of the most important things in a home,’ Jenna opened in her live conversation with designer Jake Arnold. 

‘That level of consideration with lighting can make a space feel more glowy and warmer,’ Jenna adds. ‘Lighting is an architecture that shapes a room. Bringing a light down, making it softer with a dimmer… [it] can really change a space.’ 

Whether you’re searching for the best floor lamps to warm your living area – or you’re looking to invest in an antique chandelier for your hallway or bedroom, Jenna Lyons has just given you every reason you may need to make the purchase. 

2. A couch

Jenna Lyons reveals what is worth the investment

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… or anything that you’re frequently touching. According to Jenna, you should spend more on the pieces that you’re in contact with daily, and a couch is certainly no exception to the rule. ‘That is one of the biggest investments – I would never skimp on a couch,’ Jenna says. 

The best sofas are those that look good and feel even better, so of course, it is easy to get behind her teachings.

3. Sheets 

Painted bedroom with large lighting fixture

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Yes, whilst sheets are not at the top of everybody’s shopping list, they should be. 

‘Getting really beautiful sheets, a big bed, and high-quality pillows add an element of luxury,’ Jenna explains. ‘You spend so much time in bed. I know that until I had really nice sheets, I didn’t realize what I was missing. It’s a really important one for me.’ 

If finding the best bedding set is important to Jenna Lyons, it is now imperative to us. Happy shopping, one and all. 

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