'It’ll only take 5 minutes to do!' Nate Berkus's genius spice drawer organizing hack is so simple yet so convenient

The design icon proves he can master functionality just as well as he masters style

A modern kitchen with a spice drawer
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We can always count on Nate Berkus for some seriously comforting design inspiration, but a new way to arrange a spice drawer from the master of neutral decor was not on our 2023 bingo card. That said, with his own Nate Home collection encompassing some seriously useful kitchen organizers, we shouldn't be surprised that the design icon can do functionality just as well as style. 

Having launched his own home decor collection earlier this year, we know that Nate puts just as much emphasis on a well-organized home as he does a beautifully designed one, but his latest trick for organizing spices has really impressed us. It's quite possibly the simplest kitchen hack we've ever seen, but also the most convenient. All it involves is an easy update to your kitchen drawers that literally anyone can make, but for the keen cooks among us, it's an absolute game changer. 

Intrigued? We won't string you along any longer. Here's how to use Nate's organizational trick for a smarter and more efficient modern kitchen layout in less than five minutes. 

A kitchen drawer arranged with jars of spices

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How to organize spices is a contentious topic when it comes to organizing a kitchen but Nate's method, shared via a recent Instagram reel, settles the debate for good (in our eyes, at least).

Having opted for an integrated spice drawer over a free-standing rack, Nate has already minimized visual clutter on his countertops. Lined with labeled jars for ultimate satisfaction, his spice storage is already enough to give a professional organizer a run for their money, but his simple adjustment to the typical layout raises his game to another level. 

That's because, rather than positioning the jars so they all face forward when opening the drawer, they're instead turned to a 90-degree angle where they're orientated toward the oven. Not only does this mean they're all within easy reach of a busy hand while cooking, but they're easier to read as you multitask at the hob, preventing a ruinous error like confusing your cumin with your cinnamon. 

'This is another organizational moment in my house that I'm very proud of,' Nate explains in the Instagram reel. 'In fact, sometimes if I'm very stressed out and having a really crazy day I just come and stand here and stare at our spice drawer because it calms me down.'

It's an idea Nate sarcastically takes credit for, although later admitting that his husband and fellow designer Jeremiah Brent found the jars, printed the labels, and fitted a rubber drawer liner to ensure the jars stay put. Perhaps it's Jeremiah we should owe our thanks to, after all.

Professionals also agree it's an adjustment that's well worth making, especially if you currently keep your spices in a cabinet. 'Oftentimes, keeping spices in a cabinet can be very awkward,' says professional organizer Melissa Gugni. 'It might not be close enough to the stove or work counter for easy accessibility, which is why I often head to drawers for a better option.' She suggests using more squat jars that are cap size up if you're short on space.

Ready to elevate your kitchen storage game? Give this trick a try and see how much more convenient cooking your evening meal becomes.

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