IKEA to the rescue once again with this simple new idea that declutters your backyard once and for all

IKEA has come up with a simple and affordable way to keep your outdoor cushions looking good as new this summer

ikea cushion storage
(Image credit: IKEA)

 It wouldn’t be summer without a spontaneous thunderstorm. While a downpour would be more than welcome right now, it does cause some inconvenience to garden furniture. Soggy cushions are a sure way to ruin your weekend BBQ. Enter IKEA, known for their Scandi-cool aesthetic and effortless designs providing the best solution to this issue: The TOSTERÖ.

Cushions are often dragged out at the start of the season and forgotten about until the nights turn cold and alfresco dining is a thing of the distant past. This is usually because of a lack of adequate storage. A vast oversight by brands considering how prevalent and popular plush cushions are in minimalist outdoor furniture.

It is moments like this we must thank Sweden for providing us with IKEA which has not only given us the perfect system for storing the previously un-organizable cushions but has done so at an affordable price. Who needs to diy an IKEA hack when life can be simple as this?!

ikea outdoor cushion storage

(Image credit: IKEA)

In true IKEA fashion, this piece comes flat-packed and is easily assembled. Well, the ease is subject to debate, depending on your level of IKEA experience and competency when it comes to reading vague instructions. And perhaps also your patience level.

This week I saw a video online where a woman lifted her outdoor cushions to reveal a splattering of mould across her luxurious ecru cushions. An unimaginable pain I do not want to experience. To avoid a mishap like this it is essential to invest in a proper storage system, such as the IKEA offering.

IKEA has perfected the outdoor storage box. The TOSTERÖ is fully waterproof, so no damp bottoms when you eventually venture out the day after rain. The weather is unpredictable, luckily this solution covers it all. Sun, dirt, dust, and pollen, are all prevented from disturbing your cushions. Come rain or shine your cushions are in the safest place.

Adequate cushion storage is a simple and effective way to keep them looking new and fresh for longer. Whether its a textile for your luxurious chaise lounge by the pool or a simple bench cushion in your small backyard this nifty box provides space for all. 

At $69.99 it is one of the best priced solutions you'll find. If you are looking for a simple storage option for your outdoor cushions run to IKEA and grab yourself one of these. We guarantee you won't regret it.

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