IKEA’s New Portable Lamp Puts a Fresh Stamp on the Mushroom Light Trend, and it Feels so Modern

Pretty, portable, and penny-conscious — what more could we ask for from this playful Scandi lamp?

A set of pink metal racks with a mushroom table lamp
(Image credit: IKEA)

The best lamps pair style and functionality, and portability is one facet that's risen to our list of shopping-oriented priorities when it comes to lighting. When we find a gem that ticks all of our boxes, it pretty much goes straight to the cart from there, and this latest launch from IKEA is the perfect example.

We had heart eyes for this light at first glance but this fresh rendition of the ever-so-trendy mushroom lamp also happens to have the experts' seal of approval, too. We have a feeling this playful IKEA light will soon become one of your favorite portable table lamps to bring with you as and when the occasion calls for it.

IKEA's NÖDMAST for an illuminating pop of color

A living room table with a pink and green portable mushroom lamp, a vase of flowers and a set of books

(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA's NÖDMAST lamp is a battery-operated lamp that gives off a soft glow, making it the perfect go-to for accent lighting. The mushroom lamp is available in our personal favorite colorway featuring light pink and dark gray-green for a touch of dopamine decor. But if you fancy yourself a minimalist, it's also available in a monochromatic black-and-white scheme for a classic finish. Its battery-operated function makes it easy to transport from one space to another and is especially convenient for small bedrooms lacking electrical outlets.

Founder of Elana Designs, Elana Mendelson tells us that she absolutely loves the NÖDMAST lamp for its adorable colorway and its contemporary design. 'Portable lamps are such a fabulous addition to both the form and function of different spaces,' says Elana. 'They provide more flexible lighting options where floor lamps or even recessed lighting aren't available or desired.'

Elana points out that the lamp's cordless design makes them safer for families with young children or pets. And when it comes to styling the lamp, she finds that it's best suited on a dresser or bedside table in a kid's room. 'The design and available colors are fun, playful, and whimsical and it can be easily moved should the user desire light elsewhere,' she says.

Interior designer Nina Lichtenstein explains that the trend of portable lamps is on the rise, driven by the need for flexible lighting solutions in modern homes. 'As our living spaces become more multifunctional, the ability to move light sources around as needed is increasingly valuable,' notes Nina. 'The best table lamps offer the freedom to brighten up any corner without being tethered to an outlet, making them ideal for renters, minimalists, or anyone looking to reduce cable clutter.'

Nina suggests using the lamp in a cozy reading nook to enhance the lighting in the room by simply tilting the lampshade for focused light as you flip through your book. Additionally, she points out that the portability of the lamp also allows you to take the lamp outside and onto patios, decks, or even balconies for summer evenings spent outside.

'What sets this lamp apart is its combination of practicality and charm,' says Nina. 'Whether you're looking to enhance an indoor or outdoor space, this lamp promises to deliver both beauty and practicality, casting a warm, inviting glow wherever it goes.'

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