Revealed: The IKEA pieces selling for thousands at auction

Is your favorite flatpack worth a fortune? These are the pieces that are at the peak of collectors lust-lists

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Alongside its Scandinavian style and hackable pieces, IKEA is best known for its affordability. However, your old flatpack may be worth more than you might expect. 

Mid-century modern pieces from the Swedish chain are currently selling for thousands at auctions worldwide – so you might need to pause on your IKEA hack – and send it to a vintage dealer instead. But which pieces are selling for the most? Here, we explore a recent study* to reveal if you own one of their most sought-after pieces. 

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What is the most expensive IKEA item sold at auction?  

The TEMA sideboard is the most expensive vintage IKEA item ever sold after making $6,000 (£4,373) at auction. This same shelf cost approximately $40 in 1962 after its initial release. Secondly, the SELBO cabinet claimed $4077 (£3077), and the SINGOALLA daybed claimed $3926 (£3354) at a sale at auction house Bukowskis in 2019. 

Plus, while limited-edition pieces are always quick to sell, there is none quite so in demand as the VILBERT chair, created by esteemed Danish designer Verner Panton. IKEA produced only 4000 of these chairs that now sell for twenty times their original price.

Modern decorating ideas have evolved over the decades, but the BERGSLAGEN' battle table proves that 18th-century Swedish castle furniture will struggle to go out of style (yes, really). The table, which is modeled on timeless Nordic design, sold for $3,899 (£2943), thanks to its particularly high quality. This is IKEA, after all. 

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'We are happy to see that a lot of IKEA products have been popular among our customers for many years and even become collectors' items,' explains IKEA's Creative Leader, Karin Gustavsson. She also describes the pieces as the 'best example of democratic design' whilst emphasizing IKEA's 'beautiful form, function, sustainability.'

The investigation revealed 18 vintage pieces make over $1.5k in recent years. However, as these pieces become even older, their prices are only set to rise. If you're looking for a sign to make that IKEA purchase this weekend, this is it. Happy investing. 

*Study by HouseholdQuotes.

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