It's Hard to Believe This Stylish Modern Pedestal is Made From IKEA Kitchenware

This clever IKEA hack uses $25 bamboo bowls to build a seriously chic organic-modern style pedestal that's perfect for displaying your favorite houseplants

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A similar pedestal design by Anthropologie
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Among this year's most popular design trends are playfulism and dopamine decor, both of which have one common thread stringing between them - joy. Right now, it's all about choosing cheerful shapes and happy accents to make your home a pleasant space to spend time in, and this IKEA hack does just that.

When we came across this genius DIY idea for a bubbled pedestal we were struck by its playful design complimented by its soft geometric stem, and it shot straight to the top of our weekend project ideas. It's easy to do, inexpensive, and it results in a stunning pedestal that looks so good it's hard to believe it's made of IKEA kitchenware.

The experts love this decor project as much as we do and we can't find a single reason to not channel our inner DIY artists to give this trendy IKEA hack a try. Here's what you need to know to try it out for yourself.

Simple IKEA DIY for a trendy pedestal

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Curvy, organic modern style furniture is having a real moment in interiors. The likes of Anthropologie's Sonali side table have been cropping up in lust-worthy homes across social media, and similar organic-inspired tables continue to catch our eye in homes of the elite. But if you want to get the look for less, this IKEA hack is the answer.

Content creator Sanna Emelie's (@sanna.emelie) Instagram is chockful of clever IKEA hacks, but this particular DIY has been living in our minds rent-free since the first time we came upon it. In the reel, Sanna assembles her BLANDA MATT bamboo serving bowls from IKEA and glues the rim of two bowls together to create a globular structure. She then glues the bottom of the remaining two bowls to either side of the spherical unit to create a table stem.

To complete the look, Sanna then paints the structure to give it a lovely greige tint and for the ultimate finishing touch, she glues a marble cutting board atop the stem and leaves it to dry. Once dry, she styles the pedestal with a three-wick candle and uses her finished side table as a stand for her coffee.

The best part about any DIY is the room to customize the piece to your satisfaction. So if you choose to put your skills to the test and make your own pedestal, feel free to color the table to match your living room's color scheme or go bold and paint it a complimentary color instead.

We would also recommend going in with some spackle like this one from Target, for a completely professional finish without any annoying gaps giving away the pedestal's otherwise store-bought look.

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In conversation with interior expert Amanda Wiss, she tells us that she loves this living room DIY project because it's quick, easy, and endlessly customizable. 'To style, you’ll want to keep it simple since the top surface isn’t very wide,' notes Amanda. 'Let it be a landing spot for one drink and book at a time, or have a small vase of real or faux flowers as a permanent fixture.'

Amanda points out that end tables are an excellent way to bring your personality into the room, yet not many people pay them mind. She recommends going for a matte-painted surface or a rougher concrete look, depending on the overarching aesthetic of your home. 'There are so many options that are possible simply because you’re making it yourself, with a little help from IKEA,' she says. If you're looking for a fun weekend project for bespoke furniture in your space, this is it.

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