This new IKEA design features a big bathroom trend predicted for 2024 – at a fraction of the price of designer versions

Once again, the Swedish homeware brand proves it can master more than just Scandi-cool

A black bathroom vanity with a glass countertop sink
(Image credit: IKEA)

When you want to embrace trends on a budget, IKEA is the place to turn. From their hallmark Scandi-cool style to more sophisticated schemes and contemporary bursts of color, our favorite Swedish homeware brand has proved its impeccable ability to forecast a lasting trend. Most recently, that's manifested as a new range of bathroom sinks made from a stylish material that's having a bit of a resurgence right now.

Glass basins, while uncommon, actually make a lot of sense. A durable material that's super easy to clean, glass makes a striking visual component within a glossy modern bathroom, helping to create a luxe, elevated look. While many of us steer away from vessel basins thinking they're harder to install than a typical pedestal or console sink, the benefit of this new range from IKEA is that they come complete with a vanity so don't have to worry about difficult DIY (except your typical flatpack assembly, of course). Here, we take a closer look at what's on offer. 

A wooden bathroom vanity with a glass countertop sink

(Image credit: IKEA)

Vessel sinks have been rising in popularity in recent years. The countertop design emanates an elegant, spa-like feel and allows for more functional space within your vanity itself to store all your cosmetics. The issue is, typically you need to buy your basin, vanity, and faucets separately, not only making them a costly bathroom sink idea but an awkward one to install too. That was, until IKEA released their latest range of affordable sinks.

The GODMORGON/TOLKEN / OXMYREN series consists of an array of cabinets with glass countertop basins, and we think they're paving the way for a fresh new trend. Not only does the transparent, dark grey glass make for a lighter, more spacious feel, but thanks to a clever base ring, the bowl appears to be floating atop the vanity counter. 

A white bathroom vanity with a glass countertop sink

(Image credit: IKEA)

While inherently ultra-modern in their appearance, IKEA has made it easy to find the right style and size for your space. From a white high gloss cabinet with a dark marble effect countertop to a large double vanity in a mattified grey finish, there's something for every bathroom. If you're looking for a new sink for your small bathroom or powder room, there's even a small floating sink cabinet to help maximize space by reducing the amount of heavy furniture fixed to the floor. 

Ranging from $615 for the single floating cabinet to $1,397 for an extensive double bathroom vanity, this is one of the best deals you'll find for a complete vanity set, with faucet, basin, and cabinet unit all included. If you're looking to refresh your bathroom this summer, get yourself down to IKEA and get your hands on one. 

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