IKEA now has a 'secret' section of bargain buys online – I already found my dream patio umbrella for half price

The 'As Is' corner of IKEA is the best place to discover hidden gems, and now you can shop its discounted items online

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Their sustainable focus is just one of the many reasons we love IKEA. The iconic Scandi brand is best known for its affordable flatpack furniture stacked in its giant warehouse section, but there's another lesser-known area of the store that's even more budget-friendly and better for the environment, too - their 'As-Is' section. And now, the discounted section is available online. 

If you haven't heard of this secret section of IKEA before, prepare to be wowed. The best place to discover hidden gems, the As-Is section features discontinued items, gently used furniture, and ex-showroom displays at reduced prices. You can find a whole range of products here, from large furniture pieces to small light fixtures and decor items, mostly with slight defaults or imperfections. 

Keeping up with our modern shopping habits, the new website service now allows you to browse and reserve these products online to pick up and purchase in-store, and it's all part of the company's focus to become a circular business by 2030. It's just another example of how our favorite Swedish homeware brand is an ethical trailblazer when it comes to interior design trends, and I've already found some great buys across its many stores. 

How does IKEA As-Is Online work? 

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You might have figured out by now that the As-Is section doesn't work in quite the same way as regular online shopping. Like any second-chance buying site, the products change depending on what's available, so there's no guarantee you'll be able to find a specific product that you're looking for. That said, it's the best place to stumble upon something you didn't think you needed, or perhaps you'll strike lucky and find that exact cabinet you've longed for after all. The beauty is, you never know unless you look. 

So how does it actually work? First head to the IKEA As Is site page and select your nearest store. From here, you can browse a selection of products at generously discounted rates which can then be reserved for pick-up at your local store within 48 hours. There is a catch though - you'll need to be an IKEA Family member in order to log in and reserve items from the section. It's just one of a number of benefits of IKEA's membership service, and it's totally free to sign up (plus you'll instantly save 5% in-store on all furniture and décor!). 

When it comes to how to buy furniture sustainably, IKEA As Is really is one of the best places to start. Right now, for example, the Atlanta store has a grey HAVSTA cabinet reduced from $185 to $92.50 due to a few small scratches that won't even be noticeable after installation, or a JOGGESÖ outdoor umbrella down from $87 to $45 that's near perfect. Live near New York City? IKEA Brooklyn currently has a pine IVAR cabinet you can save $40 on, and it's the perfect foundation for many an IKEA hack if you're looking to get creative. 

Besides offering affordable finds, the service also aims to help customers lower their environmental impact by giving items a second chance, preventing waste and encouraging sustainability. As Javier Quiñones, CEO & Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA U.S. explains: 'As-is online joins our other services like Buy Back & Resell and the spare parts program that help our customers live a more sustainable life at home with a variety of ways to prolong the life of their furniture.'

Why not take a browse - who knows what unmissable deals might be waiting for you to find...

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